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24 hours rehab
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A recent study has shown that Premier League football stars are three times as likely to be affected by gambling issues as those not in the public eye. But the problem does not stop at football stars. In fact, professional sports stars all across the UK are struggling with addictions to gambling. The research for the study was based on interviews with 350 football and cricket players.

This is not the first time the issue has been raised but the fact that it is now so widespread will cause concern. Governing bodies will be called upon to explain why they are not doing more to tackle the issue. One of the major concerns is that those struggling with gambling addiction are less likely to perform well when they are on the pitch. On top of this, there is the added concern that these players could be more open to match fixing.

Football Players Based in England are Banned from Betting on Football

Players in England are currently banned from placing bets on any football match, no matter where in the world these are playing; some players have already been punished for flouting these rules. Andros Townsend, who plays club football for Tottenham and who has appeared for England, faced a four-month ban last year for betting on matches included in the ban. He was also fined £18,000. Another footballer, Cameron Jerome, was also fined last year for breaking the betting rules laid down by the FA. Many other professional players have sought help for gambling problems over the years after being been sanctioned by the FA.

A National Problem

Although the research revealed that 6.1% of professional sports stars are considered problem gamblers, which is three times more than the general population of young men, the problem does exist all over the UK. Those with problems will admit to gambling on anything, including casinos, dogs and horses, betting machines, online sports, the lottery, and online bingo sites. This is something that is affecting people all over the country and highlights the fact that it is not only desperation and lack of money that cause people to gamble.

Why Do People Gamble

One would have to wonder what makes these wealthy sports stars gamble. According to the Mental Health Foundation, there are a number of reasons, including the excitement of winning, the satisfaction at beating the bookie, the thrill of taking such high risks, to solve a financial situation, or to escape from worry or stress. Many people wo have the ability to gamble sensibly, while others think there is no such thing.

Gambling can be harmless for many but for others it quickly becomes an addiction that can destroy their lives.

How to Recognise a Compulsive Gambler

There are signs that will help when it comes to identifying if someone has a problem with gambling. One of the major signs is when the gambler spends more than he or she can afford to lose. Gamblers with a problem will often spend most of their time gambling and will become neglectful in other areas such as work and family life.

Compulsive gamblers will often become depressed when they are losing and, when things get really bad, will lie and cheat to try to hide their addiction. Some even resort to crime to fund their habit.

Help is Available

Those with a gambling addiction need to get help in order to begin their recovery. This may be a difficult issue for family members to deal with but that is why we are here. Our trained staff can help by offering support and advice to those struggling with addiction, or to their loved ones. Call Rehab Helper today on 0800 0448335 so we help you start on the path to recovery today.


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