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24 hours rehab
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Jodie Marsh, the former glamour girl and now TV presenter, is tackling two controversial issues for her new TV programme – ‘Jodie Marsh on½‘. The first programme in the series focuses on women that pay for sex and Jodie admitted to considering doing just that during her party days. She said, “Back in my party-girl days I was a total sex addict. I was a nymphomaniac who needed sex five times a day.”

Jodie is now investigating other women who will pay men for sex and says she does not see anything wrong with this. She said that men have been paying prostitutes for sex for thousands of years and cannot understand why women should not do the same.


Jodie’s second programme is all about drugs but in ‘Jodie Marsh on Drugs’ she is investigating legal highs rather than illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine. The presenter said that she did not know a lot about legal highs before her show and thought that many people assume these are safe because they can be bought on the high street – just as she did.

However, after her investigations, Jodie now believes that legal highs can be more dangerous than some illicit drugs such as cocaine and cannabis. During the programme, scientists in a laboratory tested the legal highs bought by Jodie on the high street. They found that these were as dangerous as crystal meth.

Jodie, who has never tried drugs, believes that the government should legalise cannabis, as it would help to regulate use. She said that she never saw the appeal of taking drugs but that everyone else seemed to be doing it during her clubbing days. She had an anti-drug upbringing and admitted that she was scared after the death of Leah Betts from ecstasy in the nineties.

Celebrities and Drugs

According to Jodie, many people in showbiz take drugs, which can often be due to peer pressure or an inability to cope with life in the limelight. Many major stars have succumbed to alcohol and drug addictions; unfortunately, for them, their struggles are played out in public.

There have recently been a number of high-profile deaths due to drugs and alcohol, including stars such as Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, and Whitney Houston. However, overdose is not always intentional. Both Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger died from taking unintentional overdoses of prescribed medication.

Dangers of Taking Strong Medication

A number of concerns have been raised recently about the number of people taking prescribed medication and going on to develop addictions. Prescribed medication can be very strong and is typically given to those suffering chronic pain.

Nevertheless, this medication can be very dangerous when taken for long periods or when not taken as prescribed. As well as the risk of developing addiction, there is also the worry that mixing this medication with other substances can lead to accidental overdose. Mixing strong medication with other over-the-counter medication or alcohol can cause deadly reactions. It is important for patients taking prescribed medication to discuss any other supplements or medication with their doctor.

Addiction to Painkillers

Addiction, as mentioned above, is another side effect of taking strong painkillers, and some people will become hooked on the tablets they have been prescribed. If they cannot access this medication from their GP, they may begin to move on to other illegal drugs or legal highs, which have been made to act in a similar fashion to illegal substances.

If you or a loved one has developed a dependency on prescribed painkillers, you need to get help. UK Rehab has a team of expert advisors and counsellors helping people with all types of addiction. We can provide you with information about treatments available and we can put you in touch with a suitable provider. Call us today to find out more about the service we offer – it just could change your life.


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