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24 hours rehab
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A new study has revealed that a quarter of women in the UK are addicted to shopping. Those surveyed admitted that they feel at their happiest when buying new clothes and that they lie about the amount they have spent.

Adrenalin Rush

Those who admitted to having a problem say they feel elated when making the purchase but that the feelings of elation turn to dread when they see their bank balance. This is a feeling that many people all over the UK have experienced when inadvertently spending more than they had planned. However, for some, the problem is much worse.

With twenty-five per cent of British women admitting to having a shopping addiction and lying about their purchases, it seems as if shopping addiction is a growing problem. Almost half of those questioned admitted to getting an adrenalin rush when buying new clothes, accessories, and shoes. Some of those surveyed even revealed that nothing in the world gives them the same feeling of excitement as buying new clothing.

Many people who suffer from an addiction spend most of their time thinking about whatever it is they are addicted to – shopping is no different. Many women say that once they have seen something they like in a shop or online, they cannot stop thinking about it. Seventeen per cent even admitted that they would dream about the item they want. Studies have shown that women will typically watch an item they want for around seven days before making the purchase, with some printing a photo of the item and pinning it up at work or in the home.

Types of Shopping Addiction

There are many reasons that people become addicted to shopping. Some will use shopping as a way to make them feel better after a tough day at work or when they are experiencing troubles in their lives. Some shop for expensive items in order to make others think they are well off. Some even buy things that they do not need simply because the items are on sale; they believe it is too good an offer to turn down.

Causes of a Shopping Addiction

The feeling of elation that some people experience when making a purchase can have a powerful effect on the brain, much in the same way that drugs affect others. These feelings can become addictive, and some people are simply more susceptible than others are.

How to Tell if Someone Has a Shopping Addiction

Just because a person may go on an occasional shopping spree does not mean they have an addiction. Shopping is not a harmful activity for the main part, although most people will admit to having spent more than they intended on occasion.

However, a person with an addiction to shopping will experience feelings of guilt when they splurge and will try to hide their purchases from their loved ones. Many will lie about the amount they have spent, and some will even lie about the fact that they have been shopping in the first place.

Getting Help

It may be difficult to identify if someone you love is suffering from a shopping addiction, as there are often no physical signs. However, if you suspect that a loved one has an addiction, you need to get help as soon as possible. Addiction problems do not go away on their own, and most people will require the help of professionals.

Rehab Helper can provide you with advice and support on how to get the required treatment for any addiction. We are a referral service working with addicts and their families and aim to ensure that all of our clients get the help they need. Call today for more information.


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