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Many addicts blame their addiction on things such as their life being in a mess or that their spouse works all the time and they are lonely or bored. There is a lot of blame bandied about by addicts, but the truth is that no matter what the circumstances,…


Millions of people around the world will fall victim to substance abuse at some point during their…


Drug and alcohol misuse negatively impacts many people around the UK; this is not just the addict themselves, but also their loved ones. In many cases, the addict will need to attend…


Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction is a challenge, and most affected people are unable to do this alone. As addiction is an illness that changes the way the brain functions,…


Once an individual has developed a drug or alcohol addiction, it can be extremely challenging to overcome the issue; many will go through treatment that includes detoxification


People often assume that to successfully overcome a drug addiction the affected individual must go through rehab treatment; however, this is…


Substance abuse is something that affects many people around the world at some point in their lives;…


Alcoholism is an increasing issue here in the UK, and it is causing widespread concern among experts. There are many different alcohol…


Drugs are a serious issue, not just here in the UK, but in other parts of the world as well, especially the USA. With a ‘drug epidemic’ in full force in that country, many


There are many reasons an individual would turn to drugs or alcohol; one that seems to come up a lot is that the person is trying to block out a traumatic experience. There are alternative…


Many people around the world will fall victim to substance abuse at some point in their life; it…


Drug and alcohol addictions are an extremely common issue here in the UK, causing widespread concern among experts who feel that there is not enough support for those affected. One…


Alcohol and drugs misuse is prevalent in the UK, with many people abusing these substances for a variety of reasons.…


Substance abuse is currently a common problem in the UK, with so many people turning to drugs and…


Drugs can affect people in different ways, some more severely than others. Some individuals will turn to drugs as a way to cope; others out of boredom; some may even try these substances…


Alcohol is the most widely used drug in the UK; although many would not class it as a drug because it is legal. In reality, alcohol can be just as harmful as any illegal drug, and…


It is a sad fact of life, but many people will fall victim to substance abuse at some point in their…


Drug addictions are a concern in the UK, and it is an issue that causes great concern; this type of addiction can be to any drugs including cocaine, heroin, codeine and even alcohol,…

It can be difficult to overcome such an addiction, but with the support of medical professionals, the detoxification process, it is entirely achievable.

Once an individual finds him or herself addicted to drugs, it can be extremely difficult to break away from the drug abuse. In many cases, the only option is to check into a


Drug addictions can be very difficult to overcome. In many instances, the addict will have to go through various drug rehabilitation treatments

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