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Many addicts blame their addiction on things such as their life being in a mess or that their spouse works all the time and they are lonely or bored. There is a lot of blame bandied about by addicts, but the truth is that no matter what the circumstances,…


As the white smoke plumed from the chimneys of the Vatican last night hundreds of thousands of worshippers gathered in St Peter's Square to celebrate and welcome their new pope.



Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in the UK. Almost half of all 16 to 29-year-olds have tried the drug at least once. It is reckoned over 2 million people regularly smoke…


Obsessive compulsive cleaners is a new series on Channel 4. Cleaning obsessive Linda Dykes has recruited a crack team of like-minded cleaning fanatics to sort out Britain's dirtiest…


A detox refers to the process of eliminating a substance or chemical from an individual's body. To give an identifiable example, some of you may have decided to quit sugar or caffeine…


This is a topic we have been discussing a lot in the office this week, so I wanted to explore it a bit further? Why are romantic relationships in rehabs so common? What are the dangers?…


As an Addiction treatment counsellor, it is my job to provide invaluable advise on treatment options available for those suffering from alcoholism and addiction problems. This means…

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If you are experiencing problems as a result of your alcohol or drug use, or if you are drinking or using drugs to cope with existing problems, our National Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Directory contains over 700 addiction treatment services that may be able to help you when you decide to do something about them.

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