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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice
02038 115 619
24 hours rehab

Call Now for Immediate Confidential Help and Advice 02038 115 619 

24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice
02038 115 619

Many addicts blame their addiction on things such as their life being in a mess or that their spouse works all the time and they are lonely or bored. There is a lot of blame bandied about by addicts, but the truth is that no matter what the circumsta...



Most people assume that drug addiction treatment is something required by those who abuse illegal substances such as cocaine or heroin. While this is true, it is important to remember that i...
Those who struggle with addictions to drugs such as heroin or cocaine often find the fact difficult to admit to others. With so much stigma attached to the illness, this is hardly surprising...
Those affected by drug and alcohol addiction often take unnecessary risks in a bid to get their hands on the substance they crave. Some will borrow or steal from loved ones while others will...
Former footballer Kenny Sansom has been in and out of the headlines over the past few years due to his crippling addiction that looked to have beaten him completely. He was photographed slum...
In many cases, a drug addiction can affect more than just the addict; loved ones are also affected, and it can have a hugely negative impact on their lives. A drug rehab clinic will greatly ...
Substance abuse is something that affects many people in the UK at some point in their life. Being heavily reliant on a substance is never good for an individual, especially if the substance...
With the prevalence of drug abuse around the world comes the evident need for more centres that offer effective rehab treatment to aid these individuals when overcoming their addiction. Reha...
For someone who partakes in excessive substance abuse, it can be difficult to prioritise other aspects of their life such as relationships, family and work. This can cause major issues for t...
For anyone who is dealing with a drug addiction, one of the most effective ways to fully overcome it is to undergo a drug addiction treatment. In most cases, this gives addicts the chance to...
For those battling drug addiction, one of the only ways in which they will be able to overcome it fully is to go through a drug rehabilitation treatment. This will allow them to undergo effe...
To fully overcome addiction, the majority of addicts will need to go through some form of treatment program to ensure that they have the best chance at beating this; however, many will refus...
Substance abuse is becoming increasingly common across the UK, and it is something that affects many individuals during their life. Some will abuse substances such as drugs or alcohol to the...
Most people assume that addiction is something that affects a certain type of person; this is mainly because of the negative stereotyping of this destructive illness. However, the reality is...
For any alcoholic who is trying to overcome his or her addiction once and for all, the potential risk of an alcohol relapse always looms large in the background; this can put enormous amount...
Falling victim to a drug addictionis something that can happen to absolutely anybody, and it can take over this person’s life before he or she even realises what has happened. The need for ...
For most people affected by drug or alcohol addiction, addiction counselling is a vital service. While it may be possible for some to overcome addiction by themselves, most will need some fo...
There are many treatments used to help those suffering from addictions such as alcoholism, and detoxification is one of them. For most people with a severe addiction to a chemical substance ...
In many cases, a drug addict or alcoholic will only be able to fully overcome his or her addiction if he/she goes through rehab treatment. The tricky part is actually trying to persuade the ...
Millions of people around the world will fall victim to substance abuse at some point during their life; some will continually abuse their substance of choice. This can lead to an addiction ...
Drug and alcohol misuse negatively impacts many people around the UK; this is not just the addict themselves, but also their loved ones. In many cases, the addict will need to attend a drug ...
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