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24 hours rehab
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Many celebrities suffer from addictions to substances such as alcohol and drugs, and, unfortunately, their struggles are often played out in the public eye. Each time they attend rehab, the paparazzi are eagerly waiting to get that exclusive photo. One such star who has been in and out of rehab a number of times is George Michael. Media reports recently suggested that the star was back in rehab, this time in the most expensive rehabilitation clinic in the world. There was much speculation that George was being treated for cannabis addiction, an addiction that has been plaguing him for many years.

Crack Cocaine

However, a relative of Michael spoke to The Sun newspaper at the weekend and suggested that the star may actually have a crack cocaine addiction as well. Jackie Georgiou, who is married to George’s cousin, Andros, spoke to the newspaper and said the star regularly binges on alcohol, cannabis and crack cocaine, which the family are fearful will cause his death.

Inaccurate Information

Nonetheless, sources close to the star were quick to slam these claims, and George himself took to Twitter to deny that he has an addiction to crack. He tweeted, “To my lovelies, do not believe this rubbish in the papers today by someone I don’t know anymore and haven’t seen for nearly 18 years½

“I am perfectly fine and enjoyed Wimbledon like the rest of you. Wish it went to 5 sets though!… Lots of love, The Singing Greek.”

A spokesperson for the star also released a statement claiming that the story printed in the newspaper was ‘highly inaccurate’ that was provided by the wife of a distant family relation. The statement also mentioned the fact that the matter was ‘in the hands of Mr Michael’s lawyers’.

Shocking Claims

Ms Georgiou’s claims were shocking in that she said George would take drugs at parties, causing him to collapse and wake up in vomit. She said the star was very ill and gaunt. According to Ms Georgiou, George ‘was going to end up locked up or dead’.

Nevertheless, according to the star’s spokesperson, George is not in rehab but he is actually just spending an extended break in Europe.

Public Battle

The singer has long struggled with drugs and alcohol, and it has seen him in trouble with the police over the years. However, he has been shunning the spotlight for a number of years now, and he has rarely been seen in public. Neighbours claimed that they had not seen him at his London home for some time.

How Fame Often Leads to Addiction

George Michael is not the only star to have succumbed to a drug and alcohol addiction. Many living under the spotlight find it difficult to cope, and they will turn to specific substances to ease the pressure.

Fame and wealth often come hand in hand with a hectic social life where drugs and alcohol are commonplace. It is easy to be caught up in this type of lifestyle, and some people become dependent relatively quickly.

It has also been said that those in the public eye often share similar characteristics to those with an addictive personality. Those in the glare of publicity are, therefore, often prone to developing addictions.

Help for Addiction

It is not just celebrities that become caught up in a party lifestyle and develop drug or alcohol addictions. Many youngsters become dependent on particular a substance, which then develops into a full-blown addiction. If you are suffering from an addiction, contact Rehab Helper today. We are a free service that puts addicts and their families in touch with treatment providers in all areas of the UK. Call today for information on how we can help you.


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