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24 hours rehab
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Crack is a form of cocaine; it is a stimulant that gives users a powerful high that does not last for long before the effects wear off and leave the user feeling very down. Crack cocaine is typically smoked and this allows the drug to enter the system very quickly and give a much stronger effect than powder cocaine, which is typically snorted.

While under the influence of crack cocaine, users will generally feel great. They will exude confidence and will be alert and energetic. This energy and overconfidence can often lead to risk-taking and many crack addicts can become aggressive and arrogant, as was the case with Samantha Sumison who beat a vulnerable disabled woman and then stole from her to feed her addiction to crack.

Violent Robbery

Linda Sutcliffe was the victim of a violent robbery at the hands of crack addict Sumison, who lied about being a domestic abuse victim in order to gain the older woman’s trust. Sumison has admitted to the attack where she punched and kneed her victim in the face. Her ex-boyfriend, Munir Hussain then held the woman down while Sumison stole her phone. Ms Sutcliffe was so traumatised by the attack that she could not leave her home and was unable to sleep. If affected her so badly that she has now had to move home.


After being arrested, Sumison denied the assault but then later claimed that Hussain had coerced her into committing the crime. She said that he used drugs and violence to control and exploit her. However, during the court case, she admitted the robbery and broke down in tears.

The Effects of Crack Cocaine

It is easy to see how people can become addicted to crack cocaine in a relatively short space of time. The highs felt while under the influence make users feel fantastic but the lows can make them feel depressed for days at a time. Addicts will want to feel the highs more often than the lows so will continue to take more and more of the drug, soon becoming hooked. Cocaine also makes the heart race and can raise the body temperature. Those who take it tend to lose their appetite and may feel as if they have the flu the morning after a night of taking cocaine.

The Dangers of Crack Cocaine

Long-term cocaine use can lead to serious damage of the cartilage in the nose if the drug is snorted. Moreover, those who take cocaine with other drugs or alcohol could be at a higher risk of overdose and complications such as heart attacks and convulsion.

Because cocaine is highly addictive and the highs typically only last for about half an hour, there is the temptation to take the drug repeatedly. This means that it can easily become an expensive habit, which will need to be funded. Many crack cocaine addicts will resort to crime in order to find the money to pay for the drug they crave, as in the case of Sumison.

Beating a Crack Cocaine Addiction

It is possible to beat an addiction to crack cocaine but it requires help. It is extremely difficult to beat any addiction alone; here at Rehab Helper, we know how tough it can be. We are here to provide support and advice to those suffering with addiction. Our team of expert therapists and counsellors will help addicts and their families through this painful process and will ensure they are put in touch with the best rehabilitation centre for their needs. Call us today for free, confidential advice.


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