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Danniella Westbrook Talks About Past Drug Problems

Drug addiction is something that affects people from all walks of life. Contrary to popular belief, it is not restricted to those from poor backgrounds or those with no job and who are struggling financially. Many professionals have to cope every day with the weight of a crippling drug addiction. In addition, many individuals in the public eye deal with drug addictions of their own, but are doing so under the incessant gaze of the media.

Public Addiction

Danniella Westbrook is probably one of the most well-known famous drug addicts in Britain. She shot to fame at the age of sixteen when she was cast as the Samantha Mitchell in Eastenders and became a part of one of the show’s most famous families. However, Danniella is probably more remembered for her well-publicised addiction to cocaine and the photo of her collapsed septum, which was splashed across newspapers in 2000.

She has been in and out of rehab over the years and, in 2014, admitted to being homeless and forced to rely on handouts from friends and having to visit food banks.

Road to Recovery

Nevertheless, the star has now revealed she is on the road to recovery after spending the last year fighting her demons. During an interview on ITV’s Loose Women show, she spoke about how she had checked herself into rehab in August 2014 because the breakdown of her thirteen-year marriage had led to a relapse.

She admits that she did not handle the breakdown of her marriage very well and that she struggled at the beginning of 2015. She said, “I had a breakdown in the early part of this year, I was in a marriage for a long time, and I was very happy but sometimes these things just come to a natural end, and that’s the way it was. It made me really sad….it was the end of an era, and I didn’t deal with it that well.”


Danniella told the panel that she was ashamed of being weak and of her relapse but said that she feels blessed that she is still here. The actress admitted that she has had periods in her life where she did not want to live, and previously spoke of how she attempted suicide several times at her lowest points.

Danniella was asked whether or not she considered leaving the acting industry because of her troubles. She replied, “I could get myself into trouble, on my own, in a phone box. I’m just one of them girls. I don’t need a wingman. You can’t blame an industry; you can’t keep blaming everyone else when the problem still lies with you.”

Swapping One Addiction for Another

Danniella also revealed that she suffered from an addiction to plastic surgery and had a number of procedures, including six boob jobs. She divulged that she wanted to look like Pamela Anderson and said, “I was such a wally when I was young.”

She also added, “I’ve had so much surgery that I’ve gone wrong. I’m correcting it. I’m still not really that happy. I put down the drugs and then had a body dysmorphia thing.”

Committing to Recovery

Danniella is an example of someone who has suffered a number of relapses during her lifetime. This is common among recovering addicts but not inevitable. Nonetheless, she is working hard to rectify her issues and get back on the road to recovery.

Relapse is always a risk for recovering drug addicts, which is why here at Rehab Helper we are ready to listen and offer support to those who feel they may be at risk of a slip-up. If you are worried about the stability of your recovery, contact us today for information on how we can help.


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