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24 hours rehab
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A defence solicitor told last week of his shock that his teenage client had acted in such an appalling manner and blamed an addiction to legal high ethylphenidate for the youth’s rampage. James Subbiani said of his client, “I’ve known the defendant for seven years and he is one of my most likeable clients. He has always been anti-drugs so I am surprised he developed an addiction. He’s an intelligent lad.”

The 17 year old received a twelve-month custodial sentence at a youth court after he pleaded guilty to charges of theft, burglary, assault and more. While high on the legal substance, he attacked his girlfriend, who was then taken to a women’s refuge for help. While she was at the refuge, the boy broke in to her flat and caused approximately £1,500 worth of damage.

Police had to taser the boy during their arrest of him. While at a hospital, he asked to go to the toilet and then escaped before being caught again and arrested.

The Dangers of Legal Highs

The above shows how addictive legal highs can be. This boy, who on many occasions spoke of being anti-drugs, ended up with an addiction and the possibility of a life of crime. Many teenagers are of the opinion that legal highs are acceptable because they are ‘legal’ and think they are not addictive. However, the reason they are legal is simply that they have not yet been brought under the control of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. In fact, these legal highs often contain chemical substances similar to those found in illegal drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, and ecstasy.

Legal highs are often sold in the form of plant food, salts, or incense because it is not legal to sell them as fit for human consumption. Many of the legal highs that have been sold and taken by individuals have caused damage to the user by way of poisoning. Some people have been admitted to hospital with mental problems and some have even died from taking them.

How are Legal Highs Similar to Illegal Drugs

Legal highs, considered stimulants, work in the same way as drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, and speed. They cause the user to feel energetic, chatty, euphoric, and especially active.

Legal highs that act as sedatives or ‘downers‘ are similar to drugs such as valium, diazepam, and cannabis. These ‘highs’ can make the user feel happy, sleepy or relaxed.

Hallucinogenic or psychedelic ‘legal highs’ are similar to magic mushrooms, LSD, methoxetamine, and ketamine. They make the user hallucinate and induce feelings of warmth, happiness, and feeling detached from surroundings.

Are Legal highs Addictive?

It is possible to become addicted to ‘legal highs’ because of their similarity to synthetic drugs. Over time, it is possible to become dependent on these substances – the amount required by the user will increase in order to get the same feelings of pleasure. Many users mistakenly think that, because the substances are ‘legal’, they will not cause addiction.

Help for Addiction

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