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24 hours rehab
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Teenagers are far more likely to experiment with cannabis than they are with heroin. There is a growing acceptance of weed in the UK, and even US President Obama admitted that it is ‘less dangerous’ than alcohol. This means that even teenagers who are generally cautious can be tempted to experiment with this ‘reasonably safe drug’. The problem is that dealers are always looking for ways to expand their business and one way they are doing this is by lacing skunk weed with heroin.

Skunk Weed and Heroin is a Deadly Mix

The idea of spraying cannabis with heroin makes sense to dealers because it means that their customers become desperate to get their hands on more of the product. The user is experiencing the euphoria of the stronger drug without even realising it – all they know is that they want to repeat the process. This means that the dealers can get customers hooked on heroin before these users even know what is going on. It is then just a matter of offering regular heroin to these individuals who are now ready for the drug.

The fact that teenagers need to buy cannabis from dealers puts them in real danger. There is no attempt at quality control over the drug, and the sellers are free to lace it with whatever they want. As well as spraying weed with heroin, it is sometimes also mixed with other drugs such as methadone and diazepam. It may cost the dealers a bit more to do this, but it increases the demand for their product because it means they develop a reputation for having ‘great weed’.

The Danger of Heroin Addiction for Teenagers

Heroin is one of the worst drugs that teenagers can abuse as it could destroy their life. This substance provides a high that is extremely pleasant, which means it does not take long for users to become addicted. Users soon realise that it would be cheaper for them to inject the drug, which also means a quicker high; this puts them at high risk of drug overdose and diseases like HIV.

The dangers of heroin use among teenagers include:

  • weak immune system
  • overdose – large doses of heroin can trigger respiratory arrest
  • diminished mental functioning and intellectual performance – this means young people begin to perform badly at school
  • infertility and loss of libido
  • finding it very hard to enjoy life without the drug
  • turning to crime in order to feed their habit
  • depression
  • leading to loss of ambition – this means young people can fail to make the most of their opportunities
  • can be damaging to every organ in the body
  • regularly injecting can lead to a breakdown in tissue, and it may even mean amputation of limbs due to gangrene.

Is Cannabis Safe for Teenagers?

There are some good arguments to support the idea that cannabis is less dangerous than alcohol, but this does not mean that it would be any safer for teenagers. It can be very hard to tell if it has been mixed with other drugs – especially for those who do not regularly smoke week. Even when dealers have not laced it with other drugs like heroin, it can still be a dangerous substance. It is therefore strongly recommended that young people stay away from weed altogether.

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