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Cocaine is a Class A illegal drug that is highly popular on the young social scene. The white powder gives the user a heightened sense of energy and tends to make them feel euphoric, happy, and confident. Cocaine has a tendency to take effect very quickly, but the effects do not last for very long before the user experiences a come down where he or she may feel restless, paranoid or anxious.

Cocaine is highly addictive, and the fact that the effects wear off very quickly means that users tend to take more. This in turn creates a tolerance in the user and more of the drug will subsequently be required each time to get the same effects. By taking more cocaine, the user is in danger of overdose.

Cocaine addiction is something that affects many people all over the UK. It is not just those from poorer backgrounds who suffer from this type of addiction, as many think. In fact, lots of individuals with high profile jobs or wealthy also struggle with addiction to the drug.

Britain Has Highest Number of Cocaine Users

A recent report has revealed that young adults in Britain use more cocaine than in any other European nation. Approximately 4.2 per cent of people in the fifteen to thirty-four age bracket admitted to taking the drug during 2013/2014. The second highest nation was Spain, which was almost one per cent lower at 3.3 per cent. The EU average is 1.9 per cent.

The shocking report shows that the UK has some of the worst rates of drug use among the European nations. Of those between the age of fifteen and sixty-four, almost ten per cent admitted to having taken cocaine at some point in the past, which is the second highest figure in Europe. Britain had the highest rate of amphetamine use with 11.1 per cent admitting to taking the drug.

Britain was joint second highest for ecstasy use in the previous year at 3 per cent while those who admitted to taking the drug in the past was 9.3 per cent – the highest figure in Europe.

The report also highlighted the fact that social media tends to be increasingly used for the marketing and trade of illegal drugs. Drug users are also using social media as a forum for sharing experiences.

Falling Drug Use

However, despite the shocking statistics, Public Health England’s director of alcohol, drugs and tobacco, Rosanna O’Connor revealed that drug use is falling in the UK. According to Ms O’Connor, the number of people using drugs is much lower than it was ten to fifteen years ago.

Cocaine and Other Drugs

Many cocaine users will abuse more than just cocaine. To heighten the effects of the drug, many people will consume large amounts of alcohol or, to make the effects last longer, use amphetamines and ecstasy in conjunction with cocaine.

Others use cannabis, as this supposedly helps reduce the side effects experienced during the comedown from cocaine.

Nevertheless, using more than one drug at a time is particularly dangerous as it can cause health problems such as hallucinations, increased heart rate, vomiting, tremors, and dizziness.

Getting Treatment for a Cocaine Addiction

A cocaine addiction can be treated, but it requires professional help. If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction to cocaine, UK Rehab can help. We are a team of expert advisors and counsellors working hard to put clients in touch with the right treatment provider for their needs. We can provide you with information on treatments available and will connect you with a suitable organisation from which you can begin a programme of rehabilitation immediately. Contact us today for more information.


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