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24 hours rehab
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Why Is Drug Addiction So Hard to Overcome?

Although not everyone who uses illegal drugs or prescription medication will go on to develop an addiction, there are some who will become physically dependent on these substances. This is because the drugs alter the way the brain functions and, over time, the affected person’s brain and body will come to expect these substances to arrive. The brain will adapt to the presence of drugs and will produce less ‘feel good’ chemicals than it did when the individual initially began taking the substance(s). This is known as tolerance and usually results in a temptation to take more of the drugs in order to achieve the desired effect. However, the more drugs the individual takes, the more he or she will come to depend on them, which can quickly lead to addiction. Once you understand this, it will mean the question of why is drug addiction so hard to overcome starts to make more sense.

Why Is Overcoming Addiction So Difficult?

The important thing to realise in terms of addiction is that it is a recognised illness of the brain. While it is a treatable illness, the addicted individual must have a real desire and motivation to change if he or she wants to overcome it. Unfortunately, a desire to change is something that many addicts struggle with.

It is more often the case that addicts reach out for help because they are under pressure to do so from concerned loved ones. In fact, there are many obstacles in the way of overcoming addiction; some of these can include the fear of failure, an unwillingness to embrace a substance-free life, and not knowing where to turn for help.

It is never easy to let go of a chemical substance that the body has come to depend on. Once you make the decision to quit drugs, you may want to reach out for help as overcoming addiction alone can be very difficult. As soon as you stop taking this chemical substance, your body will react by expelling all remaining traces of the toxins and chemicals within. This is known as detoxification and can be a complicated process. It is during this time that many addicts will return to substance abuse in a bid to relieve the withdrawal symptoms they are experiencing.

The severe cravings for drugs during the detox process is often the reason drug addiction is so hard to overcome.

Why It Is Important to Tackle Drug Addiction

By now, you probably know the damage that drug addiction can cause. It is likely that you are experiencing both physical and mental health problems, and you may also have noticed a deterioration in your relationships with loved ones.

It is very common for drug addiction to tear families apart. The addict will often become manipulative and selfish as the illness takes over. He or she will lie to friends and loved ones while some will steal from them in order to satisfy their cravings for the drugs. It is for this reason that addiction is often referred to as a family illness. It is rare for the illness to have a negative impact on the life of the addict alone; family members will almost certainly feel the adverse effects as well.

Addiction can also have negative consequences for the finances of the individual and his or her family. Being under the influence of drugs can impact on a person’s ability to work, which will then have a knock-on effect on income levels. Addicts often find themselves in debt as they struggle to pay bills because they are spending all available income on drugs. Some will borrow to fund their addiction and then find themselves in trouble when they cannot pay back the money they owe. This can then lead to criminal activity when all sources of funds have dried up. As you might imagine, this will then lead to problems with the police and the criminal justice system, which in turn means negative consequences for the economy and the taxpayer.

Overcoming addiction with the help of professionals can go a long way to reducing the damage caused by drug addiction. With the right help and support in place, even those who believe they are beyond help can beat their addiction once and for all.

It is important to reach out for help as soon as possible though, as early intervention is one of the best tools for a full recovery.

What Is Drug Rehab Like?

If you are ready to change your life for the better, you may be wondering what drug rehab is like? The fear of the unknown can often prevent people from reaching out for help, but if you do decide to tackle your addiction now, it will be the best decision you will ever make.

If you have tried to quit before, you may have often wondered why is drug addiction so hard to overcome. It is not uncommon for individuals to try to quit only to find themselves unable to resist the intense cravings that arise. However, with drug rehab, you do not have to go it alone. You will receive support, and in some cases, medication or nutritional supplements will be offered to help alleviate some of the withdrawal symptoms. In a dedicated detox facility, you will be monitored at all times to ensure your comfort and safety. Most people agree that this is the best way to start the journey towards recovery.

Drug rehab is not something you should fear either. It is similar to being in a hospital, and fully trained staff work around the clock to ensure that patients get the help needed to overcome their addictions. If you choose a residential programme, you will stay in the clinic for the duration of your treatment, which is typically between six and eight weeks. During this time, you will be treated with an intensive and concentrated programme designed to give you a springboard towards a full recovery.

Finding the Ideal Treatment in the UK

Alternatively, you could opt for an outpatient programme where you would attend regular counselling and therapy sessions but would not stay overnight in the clinic. Outpatient programmes are less intensive than residential programmes and so tend to run for longer. They are typically suited to those with less severe addictions because the individual must also deal with their everyday lives while trying to overcome their illness.

Most experts agree that those with a severe addiction would benefit from an initial inpatient programme as it means they are removed from their everyday lives and placed in a distraction-free environment where they have no choice but to focus on getting better.

If you have ever wondered why is drug addiction so hard to overcome, it may be that you did not get the right help. Contact us here at UK Rehab and we can provide a fully comprehensive assessment of your situation. This will then enable us to match you to the most suitable rehab provider in your area, where you will get the full support that you need to finally beat your addiction.

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