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Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Recreational drug and alcohol use has been around for thousands of years, dating back to the earliest records of mankind. But it’s only been in the last hundred years that such widespread alcoholism and drug addiction has affected the entire spectrum of society. Today, a visit to any drug or alcohol rehab clinic proves that alcoholism and drug abuse are rampant everywhere.

So what’s the solution? The best treatment? Is detox alone enough?

The long-term solution is to figure out the underlying causes of alcoholism and substance abuse and change societal attitudes accordingly. Until that happens however, alcohol and drug treatment rehabilitation through drug rehab centres provides a way for the individual addict to escape the bondage of drugs and alcoholism. Drug rehab centres offering program combining counselling, family intervention, and other types of therapy can help reduce drug abuse and alcoholism one addict at a time.

The Private Alcohol Rehab Clinic

Though the idea of creating and funding drug and alcohol rehab programs may appear to be something relatively new, the drug rehabs concept has been around for decades. Private alcohol rehab programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous have been helping to reduce alcoholism’s effects on both client and family through effective group therapy. These types of rehabilitation programs have seen excellent success over the years having helped millions around the world break their addictions to alcohol.

The model has worked so well it has given rise to similar efforts in the area of drug rehabilitation. But privately run therapy in small drug rehab centres is not able to keep up with the demands of an increasingly addicted society. Residential alcohol treatment centres and public rehab treatment facilities must pick up the slack. Without societal efforts to increase the availability of drug rehab centres we may never reign in alcoholism and drug abuse.

The Key to Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The point to both alcohol treatment and private drug rehab is to force both the addict and his family to confront the issues of addiction instead of running away from them. Typically a treatment centre accomplishes this through a variety of methods including group counselling, one-on-one counselling, and community activities designed to show the addict that there is a whole new life waiting for him outside of the rehab clinic. Detoxification through prescription medications from a drug therapist is also necessary for some.

Studies have shown that drug rehab’s effectiveness is heavily dependent on how well each of the components is utilized in a given drug rehabilitation program by rehab facilities. A program that is so rigid in one form of addiction treatment, at the expense of others, is one that is only able to help a limited number of people. On the other hand, addiction treatment programs utilizing a number of different treatment options with some flexibility tend to see higher success rates.

Furthermore, the need for family intervention in drug rehabilitation cannot be overstated. Often time's addicts are allowed to continue their destructive behaviour by a family that enables the behaviour. And while it’s understandable family members would be uncomfortable investigating rehab facilities and trying to get the addict into a drug rehabilitation and detox program, failing to do so only makes a bad situation worse. More than one family has been completely destroyed because drug abuse or alcoholism was ignored. Yet that doesn’t need to be the case with so many alcohol and drug treatments now available.

Selecting the Right Program

As the number of rehab treatment facilities grows in the UK there are more and more options for alcohol and drug treatments. Finding the right drug rehabilitation or drug therapist option is a matter of research and investigation. Whether private drug rehab or a publicly funded treatment centre is the choice, a program needs to be selected based on what it offers the addict and what its success rates are.

Unfortunately, there are lots of day rehab treatment facilities and residential alcohol treatment centres graduating clients who end up resuming their alcoholism or drugs within a few months of completing treatment. That means detox is about more than simply preventing the drug abuse client from using while in a treatment program. The drug therapist and his entire staff need to do more.

The most successful drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centres will employ a multifaceted addiction treatment program designed to change the attitude and outlook of the addict. It’s designed to open the mind of the alcoholic to show him alcoholism’s damaging effects on his family. It’s designed this to show the drug addict how his behaviour is stealing from him the life he could have. Through detoxification, counselling, and education successful alcohol and drug treatments at rehab facilities prepare the addict to return to society drug-free and with a new outlook on life. And with a new outlook, the addict can remain clean.

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