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Alcohol and Drug Intervention – Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment

Many people are unsure how to tackle the issue of alcohol abuse or drug abuse. They’re provocative, sensitive situations that, if approached without professional intervention, can easily divide family lines and break relationships almost beyond repair. Drug addiction and alcoholism are diseases, and anyone who is concerned that their loved ones are abusing any substance needs, first of all, to recognise that fact. Of course alcohol abuse will change a loved one’s behaviour, of course drug abuse will lead the abuser to do and say things that are completely out of character - but addicts will either fail to recognise the change in themselves, or their shame and guilt will add to the downward mental and behavioural spiral. For that reason, if someone you know is an addict, or you suspect alcohol abuse or drug abuse is taking place, it’s usually best not to go searching out UK alcohol treatment centres or rehab clinics alone, let alone confronting the addict. Instead, talk to Rehab Helper. We can help you arrange a family intervention - and that will increase the odds of success and reduce the chances of further relationship damage.

Family intervention

A family intervention is the first step towards finding suitable treatment for addiction or abuse. It is, in essence, a meeting between the addict and their family, friends and even colleagues - anyone with an interest in the welfare of the individual at the heart of the matter. But it’s run by a counsellor or interventionist, someone who’s received extensive training in drug and alcohol intervention and therefore able to guide and manage the meeting so that it follows as smooth a course as possible. Not only can drug addicts and alcoholics be sensitive and volatile in their behaviour, but without professional intervention and guidance it could easily feel to the subject of the intervention that they’re simply being ganged up on - and therefore less likely so accept the need for treatment.

The idea of drug and alcoholism intervention is to help the individual to understand that they have a disease and to check themselves into a rehab centre for treatment as soon as possible. By having a good number of friends and relatives of the addict present, and active in the intervention, the aim is to show the addict just how far-reaching the effects of his or her addiction have become, and how many people really want to help them recover.Before arranging professional intervention, we’ll work with you to understand the precise nature and effects of any drinking or drug taking, the traits - and uncharacteristic behaviour - of the alcoholic or addict in question, and from there go through the possible UK alcohol rehab centres and drug rehab centres to establish which will be the most suitable and most likely to successfully treat the individual.

Family interventionists spend time with the key family and friends before any drug or alcoholism intervention, advising them on how to incorporate all their fears and hurt, all their love and support, and all the ways in which they’re affected, without anger clouding the issue and hijacking the intervention process. While the adverse effects of alcoholism or drug abuse need to be made clear, it’s the positive, supportive message from the addict’s family and friends that should really shine through.

So there's a lot of preparation involved in drug addict intervention or alcoholism intervention. Everybody taking part needs to make thorough notes on what they’d like to say, including everything from the way the addict’s behaviour and treatment of others has changed, how they themselves may have been hurt or affected by the alcoholism, how they think their relationship with the addict is suffering, and what they’d like the outcome of the intervention to be - seeking help at a UK alcohol treatment centre or drug rehab centre and a return to a more normal, happier way of life. Finally, everybody involved will need to point out how much they love the person.

A suitable location for the intervention also needs to be established - somewhere where the addict or alcoholic will feel at ease.

Professional intervention

Our team of trained counsellors carry out family interventions on a regular basis, working compassionately with the friends and families of addicts to maximise the chances of a favourable outcome. A professional intervention is the first and most important step towards finding suitable treatment for addiction or abuse.

And that’s the outcome that everyone’s hoping for: that the addicted person accepts the extent of their problem, recognises the distress and upset it’s causing others, and agree to have therapy - and medication where needed - at a suitable rehab centre. UK rehab centres can be found up and down the country - sadly alcoholism and drug addiction are widespread and common diseases - and may differ in their approach to rehab treatment. That’s why it’s sensible to discuss rehabilitation and therapy with an organisation like ours: we’ve established long-term links with a vast number of UK rehabilitation centres for alcohol abuse, drug abuse and other addictions, but advise with complete impartiality and only the interests of the addict in mind.

If you’re from an alcoholic’s family, or close to a drug addict and desperately trying to make them see the light and find a rehab treatment programme, talk to us now.

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