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24 hours rehab

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24 hours rehab
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The Devastation of a Legal High Addiction

Legal highs are man-made substances created to act in a similar way to illegal drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis, etc. Marked as ‘not fit for human consumption’, these substances are commonly sold as plant food, bath salts, and incense but many people take them to get high, not realising they are highly addictive and potentially fatal.

Legal highs have been linked to a number of deaths across the UK over the past few years, as many teenagers and young people fail to realise how dangerous these can be. They are also causing harm to the many families of legal high users, as well as risking addiction and all the consequences that come with that.

A Life Ruined

A guest on The Jeremy Kyle Show has told the host how legal highs have ruined his life. David had previously used a number of illegal drugs including speed, cocaine, and cannabis before developing an addiction to legal highs. He told Kyle how he started taking drugs at just eleven years of age and that in the past ten years he has only had three days where he did not take drugs – he is now twenty-four years old. He said, “I’ve ruined everyone’s life. It’s ruined my life, it really has. I can’t get off it.”


Many addicts will have to reach their rock bottom before asking for help for their addiction, and often this comes after they have done something particularly bad or they have had a health scare. For some, it comes after an ultimatum from family members. However, for David, not even the threat of his wife leaving with their three children could make him give up the drugs to which he is addicted.

His wife Lauren eventually left and David admitted that he had been stealing from her and taking the legal drug Pandora every day – often as soon as he woke up. The show’s doctor examined David and revealed that he is suffering from a number of conditions, which could prove fatal. Dr Arun Ghosh said, “Mentally, he has been devastatingly affected by this. He has to stop them now; his physical body isn’t able to cope with it.”

Dr Ghosh revealed that David is suffering from skin, heart, and lung problems.


Lauren, who was also a guest on the show, spoke of her heartbreak at having to endure a stillbirth alone at thirty-four weeks. David said, “I wasn’t there because we had an argument and I went out. I understand how bad that is.”

David admitted he needed to get his life back on track and begged Kyle to help. The host said they were prepared to do this and invited another guest to the stage. Karen’s son Jimmy had taken one legal high and sadly died as a result. She told David to get the help he needed or else he could be leaving his children without their father. At the end of the show, David left to speak to the show’s counsellor in a bid to begin his recovery journey.

Help for Legal High Addiction

David is not the only person suffering from legal high addiction. Many people around the UK think that legal highs are safe because they have the ‘legal’ tag. What they do not realise is that these substances are dangerous and can be life-threatening. Many people have become addicted to them and are struggling every day because of it.

However, there is help available for legal high addiction and Rehab Helper can provide you with the information and advice to help you begin a journey towards recovery. If you need help, contact Rehab Helper today for free, confidential advice.


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