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Some people associate addiction with substances such as alcohol or illegal drugs, but there are many throughout the UK suffering from addictions to prescription medication such as sleeping pills. Being unable to sleep at night and suffering from insomnia can be extremely difficult to deal with, and many will seek help from their GP. Those who cannot sleep at night may suffer from exhaustion and depression, so many GPs will prescribe night sedatives to help them get their condition under control. Those who take sleeping pills for a short period tend to be at low risk of addiction, but the problem is that many will come to depend on these pills and may soon develop an addiction to them. Sleeping pill addiction is the most common type of prescription medication addiction.

How Sleeping Pill Addiction Develops

Those who begin taking sleeping pills never think they will become addicted. Many do not even realise that the possibility exists. They believe that because their doctor has prescribed this medication to them, it is safe. Moreover, while the pills are safe to take, they do often carry a risk of addiction if taken long-term. Some individuals will not even notice they have become dependent on the pills, not realising that they are still taking the pills despite not needing them.

Others are convinced that they will simply not be able to sleep if they do not take the pills, so will not even try to stop for fear of insomnia coming back. Others may like the feeling they get from the pills because many of these drugs will cause similar effects to alcohol in that they create a sense of relaxation. Some sleeping pill users will take pills during the day to escape the pressures of everyday life.


A sleeping pill addiction comes with certain symptoms that family and friends may notice. However, the person with the addiction rarely notices how he or she has changed, and many will be in total denial about the seriousness of their problem. Many would be shocked at the suggestion that they have an addiction. However, there are symptoms that may be noticeable, such as the fact that the person cannot cope without taking the sleeping pills and may become obsessed about making sure they have enough pills.

Those with severe addictions may lose interest in other areas of their life and may begin to neglect their responsibilities and/or personal hygiene. They will become defensive if they are questioned about their reliance on the pills and they may suffer withdrawal symptoms if they try to stop taking them.

Why a Sleeping Pill Addiction can be Dangerous

Those who develop a sleeping pill addiction may find that their quality of life is affected, and they start suffering from problems such as relationship breakdowns and financial hardship because they are unable to work.

As the person continues to take the sleeping pills, he or she will become tolerant to the effects, which means taking more pills for them to be effective. Some sleeping pills cause depression and suicidal thoughts while those who are under the influence of sleeping pills may have more chance of having an accident. There is also the danger of damage to internal organs.

Help for Sleeping Pill Addiction

Those who are suffering from an addiction to prescribed medication such as sleeping pills can get help from Rehab Helper. We are a free referral service working with individuals suffering from all types of addiction. Our goal is to put clients in touch with a suitable treatment provider from where they can get the help they need to beat their addiction. For more information, contact us today.

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