The 12 steps as originally prescribed by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous -which are the basis of most 12-step programs today, were founded nearly 100 years ago. But they are still an effective method for some of helping giving up alcohol. The 12-step model has been shown to be successful in treating all sorts of addiction problems, not just alcohol. There are various groups modeled on the principles of alcohol anonymous treating other conditions such as gambling shopping and drug addiction.

12-step programmes have been successful in treating millions of people worldwide to live a life free from addiction and alcohol. Rigorously following the 12-step program and committing to its beliefs and ideals can help many addicts beat their debilitating addiction. It is believed that addiction cannot be cured, but it can be treated and the anonymous fellowship has been shown as an effective way to arrest the condition. Many find that the only way forward is to live a life completely free of substances.

Step nine: Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

When carrying out Step Nine, the addict must not shy away from possible confrontation and be willing to make amends to whom the drinking has caused problems for. Having undertaken the decision to follow a spiritual path on the road to recovery, steps must be taken to remedy actions of the past. The follower of the 12-step programme reaching stage nine must accept that they may lose face, status or even face consequences such as criminal prosecution for their actions but must be ready to accept the cause and effect nature of their addiction.

Letting go of the burden of guilt associated with past actions caused by behaviour resulting from addiction can help addicts move on and live a happier drug-free lifestyle. Having accepted the presence of a higher force and accepted that it lead to addictions and addictive behaviour, the problem drinker or drug-taker is making way along the path to recovery. The longer the former addict sticks to rehabilitation programme, the greater the chance of success. Having shown the commitment and desire to give up drinking alcohol or taking drugs, the Fellowship found at the meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step groups are a great comfort to the participant and aids greatly in recovery.

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