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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice
24 hours rehab

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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice

People who break free of addiction usually talk about how they hit their rock bottom. This refers to a point in their addiction progression at which they were prepared to go no further. It is important to understand that hitting rock bottom is a completely subjective experience – it just means that the person has decided that he or she has lost enough already.

Some people misunderstand the concept of hitting rock bottom as meaning that it is all about losing everything. It is not necessary to endure a great deal of suffering or lose many possessions to reach this point – some people have a high rock bottom that means they decide to call it quits when, relatively speaking (compared to others who fall into addiction), they have lost little. There are also many examples of individuals waiting to hit their rock bottom but have died before becoming willing to quit. It is vital to understand that hitting rock bottom is always a decision and not an event.

Here are five important lessons that you can gain from reaching this point:

1. You Can Only Go Up from the Lowest Point in Your Life

Hitting rock bottom is incredibly painful, but it can also be an amazing turning point. The progress of addiction usually involves prolonged suffering as things start to become progressively worse. It can take many years before a person decides that he or she has had enough. This means that hitting rock bottom can feel a great relief as the only real direction to go now is up.

2. You Do Have the Ability to Change

The pain of hitting rock bottom can give individuals the motivation to change their life around completely. Many people just get by in life because things never get painful enough that they need to change – when you look at things this way, you may decide that hitting rock bottom is a type of blessing. Once you have managed to break free of addiction you have undeniable evidence of your ability to change and may decide to apply this to other areas of your life as well.

3. Asking For Help Is the First Step Towards a Better Life

Hitting rock bottom can put you in a position in which you are now ready to ask for help. You find out that this step is not about being weak – asking for help is how you become empowered. The pain of addiction becomes so much that you are finally ready to make use of all the resources that will help you create a much better life in the future.

4. You Experience What Happens if You Continue on a Wrong Path in Life

Hitting rock bottom is a great example of what happens if you keep on walking on the wrong path in life. You get to see that the further you walk along, the worst things will get for you until, eventually, the pain becomes unbearable. This knowledge can make you less willing to keep walking on a wrong life path in the future.

5. You Learn the Importance of Humility

One thing that hitting rock bottom can do is make you teachable. This means that you have developed the humility to question your own behaviour and ideas about life. Developing this willingness to question yourself is vital, because it will not be possible to make progress in recovery as long as you believe that you already know all the answers.

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