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24 hours rehab
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24 hours rehab

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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice

When you first started drinking alcohol, it may have felt that you had found an amazing tool for dealing with life. If you are normally introverted, it may have helped you come out of your shell. If you had struggled to find a date, it may have given you the confidence to ask people out. Alcohol is often referred to as a social lubricant because it loosens people up, but the problem is that this benefit can come at a heavy cost – alcohol can give you wings but then take away the sky. Here are just five reasons why you do not need alcohol as a crutch anymore.

1. The Positive Effects of Alcohol Diminish Over Time

One of the reasons alcohol can be such a dangerous substance is that regular use leads to tolerance; this means needing to drink more of it to get the same effect – the fact that you are drinking more means that you will experience consequences evermore negative. It would not be long before the negative effects outpace any of the benefits you have been receiving from alcohol. Eventually all of the positives disappear completely. Alcohol may have made it easier to make friends in the beginning, but it leaves you feeling lonely. The problem is that you can be so trapped in denial by this stage that you cannot even see the high price you are paying.

2. There are More Effective Ways of Dealing with Life

All of the positive effects of alcohol can be achieved by other means that involve less risk. The reason individuals choose drinking over these other methods is that it is just easier. If you want to experience a real sense of inner well-being, a better option would be something like meditation.

3. Self-Medication Is Never the Answer

It is common for those dealing with a mental health problem like depression to turn to alcohol for relief. Such people may be completely unaware of their diagnosis, just knowing that they feel a bit better when they drink. The problem is that over time this type of self-medication actually worsens symptoms (alcohol is a depressant) and can make it impossible to treat the underlying condition. If you are drinking because you are depressed, you can find an effective medical treatment for this; self-medication with alcohol is never the answer.

4. Your Life Can’t Improve While You Are Abusing Alcohol

The nature of addiction is that it usually involves a downward spiral. This means that over significant period things are likely to get worse for the person. The individual is sure to still have good days and bad days but the overall trend is always downwards. It would not be possible for you to make much progress in your life while still drinking. This behaviour is just holding you back but, once you remove it from your life, you will be in a much better position to find happiness.

5. You Can Find What You Are Really After in Recovery

If you turned to alcohol because you wanted to experience some inner-peace then you do not have to let go of this goal; you just have to change to a method that is far more likely to give it to you. Once you are sober then you can start to develop emotional sobriety. This is the ability to deal with life on life’s terms. You can reach a stage where you enjoy so much serenity that you can easily deal with anything, which is probably what you were after with alcohol all along.

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