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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice
24 hours rehab

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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice

If you have been in recovery for a number of years and are happy with your new life, you may be tempted to forget about recovery activities and try to forget about the fact that you were once an addict. You might feel that you are ready to move on and do not need to attend meetings or other recovery events. The reality of the matter is, though, that relapse is always going to be a risk, no matter how long you have been in recovery.

While you could feel that certain activities are no longer beneficial to your recovery, it is worthwhile staying involved because you really do not know what life has in store for you. Bad days will always happen, and you could be faced with a crisis at some point in your life where you will need support. Studies have found that those who turn their back on their meetings have a higher chance of relapsing.

Continue with Your Recovery

It is much safer to stick with your recovery, although you can become less involved if you would like. Many recovering addicts find that helping others who are in the early stages of recovery is an excellent way to stay involved.

If you want to become less involved, decide on a schedule for meetings. This could be once every two weeks or even once a month. Whatever you feel is enough for you, you should stick to it. If you find that you are having negative thoughts, make a point of going to more meetings.

Even if you have decided to cut back on the number of meetings you are going to attend, you should continue to work through your 12-step programme and maintain a healthy relationship with your sponsor. Continue to meet periodically because your sponsor will be able to spot any potential problems, such as the risk of relapse.

Become a Leader

One of the most rewarding parts of addiction recovery is helping others to beat their demons. If you have been successful with your recovery, now is the perfect time to help others achieve similar success. If you want to get more from your recovery and believe that you need something other than just attending meetings, you could speak to your group leaders about the possibility of becoming a leader yourself. There are many ways in which you can participate in service work. Becoming more involved at a higher level will definitely be beneficial to you and other recovering addicts.

You know what it is like to be an addict, and you have a wealth of experience regarding recovering from this illness. Sharing that information with other addicts will be extremely rewarding and will give you a new purpose in life.

The Cost of Addiction

Addiction can be devastating to all those affected, but it also has an effect on the wider community as well. Millions of pounds are spent each and every year on police, court cases, and the NHS for addiction-related offences and illnesses. While you were once a part of the problem, you can now become a part of the solution by helping as many recovering addicts as possible.

Think of how your addiction affected you and the people you love, and think about the people who helped you along the way. Think about how your situation could have been different if these people were not there to help you when you needed it.

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