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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice

The New Year is a great time to revamp your sobriety. Below are just some of the resolutions you could make to give your recovery a boost.

Start Meditating Regularly

There is now ample evidence for the mental and physical health benefits of meditation – it also being something that can strengthen your sobriety. Just meditating for as little as 10 minutes each day could be enough to make a difference to your life. One of the great things about meditation is that there is no equipment to buy and you don’t even need a teacher; there are plenty of online resources where you can pick up the basics.

Begin Keeping a Gratitude List

A gratitude list can bring a new level of joy to your recovery. It is easy to take all the good things in sobriety for granted, but a gratitude list can help you keep track. There is also evidence that this type of journaling can change the way you look at the world – if you tend to focus too much on the negative, this practice can get you into the habit of focusing on the positive. This means that you will start feeling more optimistic and generally happy about life.

Keep a Daily Journal

A daily journal could also be a great idea because it allows you to keep track of your progress. It can be easy to miss just how much progress you are making in sobriety because big changes tend to occur slowly over time. It can be wonderful to look back on your gratitude list to see how far you have come.

Start Exercising Regularly

If you want to be able to get the most out of recovery, you need to be in a good state of health. Lot of people make the mistake of taking on an exercise regime for the New Year that is just too ambitious, so is hardly surprising when they fail to follow through. You do not need to go and buy a year’s gym membership or commit to running a marathon by April. Just start with something modest that you will be able to commit to long-term. A good idea is to decide on walking for sixty minutes every day.

Give Your Sobriety a Boost with a Recovery Holiday

If you want to give your recovery a boost, you could choose a recovery holiday in 2014. A number of rehabs around the world that offer programmes for those who have already managed to break free of addiction; they are sort of advanced rehab programmes. These facilities are available in many exotic locations such as Thailand and South Africa, so it really is a holiday as well as a chance to strengthen your sobriety.

Join a Recovery Fellowship

If you are not yet a member of a recovery group, you may want to consider joining one in the New Year. This is a great way to socialise and benefit from the experiences of others on the same path as you. These fellowships provide a programme for living and might be exactly what you need to take things to the next level.

Commit to Regular Service in the New Year

One of the most effective things you can do to strengthen your sobriety is to commit to some type of service. This could involve helping others struggling with addiction, but it doesn’t have to be this type of work There is a saying in recovery that you have to give it away to keep it; helping others increases your self-esteem, also encouraging you to appreciate all the good things in your life.

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