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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice

It is difficult for most people to admit that addiction has become a problem in their lives. Those who are dealing with alcohol addiction, for example, may not realise that they have progressed into the realms of addiction and might be unwilling to accept a diagnosis of addict or even contemplate reaching out to alcohol rehab facilities. In their mind, they may drink a little bit more than they should, but they certainly do not have an addiction.

These individuals may even convince themselves that it is easy to stop drinking if they wanted to; they just do not want to. It is usually the case that the person with the addiction is the last one to realise, or at least, the last one to admit the problem.

Family Frustration

Most of the time, it is the family members of an addicted individual who will notice that a particular substance seems to be having an adverse impact on the life of someone they love. This person might begin to notice subtle changes in their loved one’s behaviour; in the beginning, they may not make the connection between these changes and the affected individual’s drinking, for example.

However, if their loved one continues to drink, the problem will get worse, and it will not be long before family members realise that it is alcohol that is the root of all their loved one’s issues. When a person’s drinking begins to cause harm to the life of the individual and his or her family and those around them, it is usually because an addiction has developed and it is time to reach out for help.

Sadly, many addicts are unable or are unwilling to accept that they have an addiction and will continue with their destructive behaviour for a long time, leaving the family members feeling very frustrated. Most family members will learn that unless the addicted person actually wants to change, there is not much they can do.

Making the Changes

It will usually get to the point where the person with the addiction finally faces up to the reality of his or her situation and may decide that it is time to make changes. When this happens, family members can help by getting in touch with various alcohol rehab facilities or by contacting us here at UK Rehab.

We are a free referral service and can put you and your loved one in touch with suitable alcohol rehab facilities where the most relevant treatments will be provided based on the needs and circumstances of the individual.

The good news is that once the addicted person is ready to make the changes and commit to the programme of recovery, the chances of success are quite high. Many people have already overcome their addictions with the help and support of professional counsellors, therapists and support staff. Even those with severe addictions have managed to turn their lives around. To this end, a large group came together in Bournemouth recently to celebrate their success.

Recovery Walk

The annual Recovery Walk event takes place from Boscombe to Bournemouth beach and is organised by Recovery in Social Entertainment (RISE). The event was attended by about one hundred and twenty people who were celebrating their recovery from addiction. After the walk, they enjoyed a picnic and live music.

Carrie Parker, who is a support worker at the alcohol and drug rehab centre StreetScene said, “We had between 100 and 120 people taking part in a multi-agency approach including Addaction, Action on Addiction, and the Amy Winehouse Foundation, as well as individuals who are in recovery. It also raises awareness of those people who are still struggling with addiction. It was for us to unify together and celebrate recovery.”

StreetScene’s registered manager, Zoe Martindale, said, “Recovery is about a person being able to manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It is about being honest, caring for others and being abstinent from any mood-altering chemical and instead living a more spiritual way of life.”

Raising Awareness

As well as celebrating recovery from addiction, charity workers were trying to raise awareness by providing information to those who wanted to find out about the services available in the area. Ricky Codadeen is a volunteer worker for Bournemouth Alcohol and Drug Service User Forum, and he said that a part of his work is to raise awareness of the fact that addiction is an illness that affects anyone and not just those who live on the streets.

Recovering addict Mark Perry who was helped by StreetScene, said, “I’m now re-training in English as a Foreign Language Teacher, which I should complete by next May [2017]. The support I have received from StreetScene has been fantastic. They have residential care, dry houses, and then they make sure that you are well-equipped to look after yourself.”

He said that those with addiction should take advantage of the support available because it can help with recovery. He added, “It’s a big family. The amount of people that must have slipped up and they take you back in and help you through it.”

Addiction Services

The great news for those with addiction is that there are many fantastic addiction services available all over the UK. Here at UK Rehab, we can find the most suitable drug and alcohol rehab facilities in your area from which you can access first class support during your recovery.

For more information on how we can help, contact us here at UK Rehab today.

Source:  Hundreds walk to celebrate recovery from addiction (Daily Echo)

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