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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice
24 hours rehab

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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice

Most people who have a drink problem are convinced they are not that bad. They cannot understand why loved ones would be confronting them about their drinking habits, or suggesting that they may need to get help.

Many of these individuals have their own idea of what an alcoholic is, and it certainly does not apply to them. However, the reality is that alcoholism can affect anyone. From professional businesspersons to homeless dropouts, alcoholism does not discriminate.

If you are drinking to excess whenever you drink alcohol, then the chances are you do have a problem. Even if you only drink on the weekends, if you are getting drunk regularly alcohol may be an issue you have to deal with.


Most people who drink alcohol do not get drunk – they just do not drink enough. Even if you can go for days at a time without drinking, you could still have a problem if you have no control over the amount you drink. The type of alcohol you drink and the days that you drink are unimportant. Just because you only drink on the weekends or only drink beer does not mean you do not have a problem. Drinking enough to make you drunk means that you are drinking enough to cause health problems.

Denial is a common problem in addiction. Those with addiction are often unable to see the truth about the situation in which they find themselves. They may be afraid to admit the truth for fear of what others will think of them. There is a certain amount of stigma attached to addiction, and many of those affected will have their own stereotype of what addiction is.


Alcoholics often have a very good reason for why they drink, and there is typically a certain amount of blame involved. They may blame family members, a particular event that occurred in their life, or just sheer bad luck. Nevertheless, no matter what has happened in a person’s life, that they chose to drink alcohol is their fault and nobody else’s. It is highly unlikely that anyone else forced them to drink, so they have no one to blame but themselves for making the decision to drink in the first place.

Does Drinking Help?

If you have a perceived drinking problem then whatever the reason you began drinking, it is a good idea to ask yourself if alcohol has made your situation better or worse. Some people will automatically say that drinking makes them feel better. There is no doubt that the pain can be numbed when you are under the influence of alcohol, but the reality is that the reason you are drinking still exists. Moreover, the longer you go on drinking the chances are that your situation will only get worse.

Your health will begin to suffer, as will your relationships with those closest to you. If your family members or friends are already suggesting that you have a drinking problem, the chances are your relationships are already beginning to suffer.

Getting Help

Those with alcohol problems often require professional help to kick their habit. Oftentimes it will take some encouragement from loved ones to admit that they need to go to rehab. Sometimes they will admit that they have a problem but will think they can get better by themselves.

Others believe that simply cutting back on the amount being drank will be enough to solve their problems, but this is rarely the case.

If you or a loved one needs help for an alcohol addiction, Rehab Helper’s team of professional advisors can help. We can provide you with advice and information about where you can access treatment for your addiction. Call today to see how we can help you.

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