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24 hours rehab
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What Are Christian Rehabs?

Across the UK there are different varieties of rehab clinics working hard every single day to help alcoholics and drug users regain control of the lives. Each type of clinic has its own focus despite the common goal of helping addicts break free. For example, Christian rehabs focus on recovery from the perspective of the Protestant Christian faith.

There is no reliable information to indicate the exact number of Christian rehabs in the UK, but their numbers appear to be growing. Those who choose to go this route typically do so because they want to add the spiritual component to their recovery, above and beyond what the traditional 12-step philosophy involves.

If you are visiting our site because you are looking for Christian rehab, you’ll be happy to know we can help you locate one. We provide treatment to addicts from all walks of life and circumstances through working relationships with the best clinics across the UK and beyond. We want to help you find the right clinic for your circumstances. Just pick up the phone and call so we can get started right away.

Two Types of Christian Rehab

In order for you to make an informed decision, it is essential that you understand there are two different types of Christian rehabs. The first type, which we will call ’traditional’, is the more common of the two. You’ll recognise it when you see it.

The traditional Christian rehab is staffed by a group of medical professionals, psychologists and psychotherapists, registered nurses, and support staff. They offer everything you would expect to find in a secular rehab clinic including medicated detox and cognitive behavioural therapy. The one main difference is that everything is approached from the Christian worldview.

These traditional Christian rehab clinics stress the importance of faith in the Christian God. With that faith comes the need for personal responsibility over one’s past, present and future. The traditional Christian rehab essentially takes the 12-step programme originally developed by Alcoholics Anonymous to the next level of spirituality.

A second kind of Christian rehab exists in a much different setting. It is a rehab clinic that relies more on the spiritual aspects of recovery than the medical or psychological. Many of these clinics are associated with local, regional, or international church groups with established ministries within the communities where the clinics are located.

Most of these clinics, if not all of them, still provide appropriate medical care, including medically supervised detox. Where they differ from their more traditional counterparts is in the use of psychotherapeutic treatments after detox. Many of them do not even employ psychotherapists or psychologists of any kind. Rather, it is the Christian faith that is emphasised as the transforming factor. Ministry volunteers play an important role here.

Christian Rehab Works

We hope our description of Christian rehabs does not dissuade you from considering them as one possible option for treatment. As previously stated, there is lots of different rehab philosophies practiced around the UK. Christian rehab, like its a secular counterparts, has proved successful among those who make the commitment to get well.

What you might not know is that the spiritual component stressed by these Christian clinics is nothing new. The 12-step programme we have already referenced has made use of the spiritual component since its inception more than 80 years ago. Moreover, even secular rehab clinics throughout the country address the spiritual component to some degree.

With Christian rehabs, the main difference is that the spiritual component is the focus rather than just one small part of a larger picture. Christian rehab is an excellent option for addicts who believe they need that part of their lives addressed during recovery.

Advantage of Christian Rehab

It has been our experience that Christian rehab does offer one clear advantage over secular alternatives: a sense of purpose. This sense of purpose is better understood by first looking at the philosophy of the typical secular clinic.

A secular clinic will help the recovering addict go through detox, followed by 4 to 12 weeks of intense psychotherapeutic treatments that help him or her deal with the psychological and emotional issues associated with addiction. However, after treatment is completed, the recovering addict returns to mainstream society and is expected to find a new purpose for life. Christian rehab is different inasmuch as it provides that purpose.

Because Christian clinics stress faith in, and submission to, the Christian God, it provides a built-in purpose for life long after rehab has been completed. A fair number of recovering addicts go on to serve others through similar ministries, foreign missions, or local church outreach programmes. By establishing a life purpose before leaving rehab, they are a step ahead.

Not For Everyone

Please do not misunderstand our explanation of Christian rehabs. We are not saying they are superior or inferior to any other type of treatment. Rather, they are an option for some addicts who want to address spiritual issues. Yet we understand that Christian rehab is not for everyone.

Those best suited to Christian rehab would be recovering addicts with previous experience in the Christian faith. And yes, professing Christians can find themselves in the throes of addiction just like anyone else. A rehab environment tailored to their faith might be the best option for them.

Perhaps you are visiting our website because you suspect you may have an addiction problem. That’s great. You have taken the first small step toward complete recovery. Now you need to do something with the information you have learned here. You need to make the decision to be evaluated and, if necessary, treated for addiction. We can help.

Trained specialists staff our addiction helpline around the clock. If you are willing to pick up the phone and call us, we are willing to take the time to listen to your story in every detail. One of our representatives will advise you of all the treatment options available, then assist you in making a decision if you so desire. We will even help you make admission arrangements to the clinic of your choice.

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