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24 hours rehab
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How Introverts Can Overcome Addiction Problems

If you are an introvert, you may feel that none of the popular treatment options is going to work for you. If being around others were your idea of hell, you would probably not feel too excited at the idea of going to rehab, attending group therapy, or joining a fellowship. Most of the treatment options on offer involve being around other people in some way, so if you are an introvert you may be convinced that the only answer is to just try to sort out your own problem. Unfortunately, this often proves to be too difficult because addiction is hard to overcome without at least some support.

What is an Introvert?

It is common for many to assume that shyness and introversion is the same thing. This is not true at all. Shy people often desperately want to be able to socialise but just do not feel comfortable enough around others to be able to do this. Introverts naturally enjoy their own company, tending to be happiest when on their own.

How Introversion Can Prevent People from Getting the Help They Need

Introverts tend to hold onto the idea that they will always be able to solve their own problems. This stoic attitude to life can work for many problems, but it is not so effective for dealing with addiction. The problem is that this addiction will usually be wrapped up within the thinking process of the person, making it hard for them to think their way into recovery. It usually requires an outside voice of reason to guide people into sobriety; feedback is also often a crucial part of the deal as well.

Introverts Have an Advantage in Rehab

Introverts often assume that rehab is not going to work for them because it means being around others, which is not something they feel good at. The reality is that such individuals actually have an advantage in rehab and may be able to get more out of the experience than the extrovert may. This is because most of the work in this type of programme requires self-reflection, which is something introverts are naturally good at.

Entering rehab can be one of the most effective steps taken to end addiction problems. This is not a step most would want to take and there will always be a million reasons not to, but you need to keep in mind that successful individuals have just as many excuses for failure as other people. Entering rehab will be a sacrifice if you are an introvert, but it will not last forever and there is a good chance that you might actually enjoy it. You do not have to be expert at socialising to get the most out of this type of programme.

Recovery Will Always Be Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Breaking free of an addiction will always require you to leave your comfort zone. If you have already tried and failed at going it alone, you have a good idea that this path might not work for you. Maybe it is time to get some help. Going to a therapist, entering rehab, or joining a fellowship does not require you to develop a new outgoing personality, and you will not be giving up any of your personal freedom. All you will be doing is making use of the best resources that are going to allow you to build a new life free of addiction.

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