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24 hours rehab
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24 hours rehab

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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice

If there’s somebody out there that it’s into serious drug abuse then the only people who can save them, in many cases, is their family or friends undertaking a drug addiction intervention. They may be so far into the world of drugs that they don’t realise that they need some form of drug addiction help. Only through some form of family or professional intervention can the truth be seen. The problem is that if they end up seeing the truth too late then a drug rehab centre can’t even be the answer as the health problems have become too great. But a family intervention as soon as a problem is noticed can be the answer and can get them the drug addiction treatment they need to become a healthy and productive member of society.

Drug Addiction Intervention

It might seem like professional intervention is the best method of getting somebody to notice that they have a drug abuse problem, but it can actually be one of the worst ways as they might just retreat further back into their shells. Only through the people around them can they fully understand that they need to seek out some drug addiction help.

A family intervention is a potent weapon to get a drug addict to see the truth of what they are doing. It should be a complete intervention and should apply to all aspects of life. Interventions are not pleasant and they can cause a lot of damage in the short term. In the long run, however, the benefits are vast from having an improved future all the way to actually saving somebody’s life.

Rescue Missions

What many family members and friends don’t know is that they are actually helping the drug addict continue their nasty habit by helping them out. These rescue missions have to stop immediately. It means cutting off all support from them and making them experience how harmful drugs are. Allowing them to continue unabated whilst helping them out when they get into legal troubles is just enabling them and encouraging them to continue with their substance abuse. Don’t do it.


Confronting and beginning a drug addiction intervention when the addict is under the influence is not a good idea. It will either just make them angry, which could cause them to lash out, or they could just not take any of it in, in which case the whole intervention was completely pointless as they probably won’t remember it. The time to implement a family intervention is when the addict is straight and is in a private place. Make sure everybody is in a calm state of mind and the person is being spoken to without any patronisation or ill feeling.


Make it clear that if the substance abuser wants drug addiction help then they will be supported at all times. But if they are going to continue with their current lifestyle and ignore any suggestion of going to a drug rehab centre then start making threats. If they refuse then kick them out of the house. If they are receiving money to pay their bills then cut these payments. If they are having legal troubles then don’t bail them out of jail. These are not there to punish the abuser they are there to protect the rest of the household from the harmful effects of drug abuse.

When the threats are made, though, they must be carried out or it will just make the situation worse as the individual won’t take any future threats or advice seriously.

Strength in Numbers

Science demands that multiple pieces of evidence are present to back up a theory. The same principle applies to a drug addiction intervention. If the abuser is listening to one family member talk about it then they may think that it’s only that family member who has the problem. A family intervention with a large number of relatives and multiple explanations to back up the overall point is going to convince the person that what they are doing is wrong.


A good sign that the person really does want drug addiction help is if they start asking questions about any possible treatments. It’s an acknowledgement that they know that they have a problem and that they do want to resolve it. Never answer any of these questions, though. Make an admission that the correct answers aren’t known and they should call a professional to ask these questions.

Act Now

Anyone who has ever been involved in a professional intervention will know that it’s important to get the patient to a drug rehab clinic as soon as possible. Have bags packed, a place at the rehab centre booked, and travel plans drawn out. Giving them time to think about it could make them change their mind, and ambivalence and denial are two things that all drug dependent people will experience at some point.

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