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What Is Narcology?

Narcology is the study of drug abuse and was introduced in the early 1960s and 1970s as a separate medical field in the former Soviet Union countries. It is a medical discipline of psychiatry studies that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and social care of substance-dependent people.

The field’s main aim is to study the chronic aspect of substances that leads to addiction, their aetiology and their pathogenesis, as well as their clinical perspectives. The discipline of narcology has the mandate of addressing the scope of health issues associated with alcohol and other substance use, drug users and all substance abuse health-related problems. (1)

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Conditions Covered by Narcology

Drug addiction

Narcology professionals employ various methods such as drug rehabilitation, detoxification and abstinence-based treatments in dealing with drug addiction among users. For effective treatment, most specialists working in drug addiction treatment take an implacable ideological stance towards illicit drug use. Use of different frameworks ensures efficacy in drug addiction treatment.


Narcology uses basic drug and alcohol dependence healthcare infrastructure and approaches in the treatment of addiction. People diagnosed with alcoholism are taken through a treatment process and then refrain from further alcohol abuse. The procedure involves a course of detoxification and regular outpatient observation by a narcologist for five years. (2)

Substance dependence

In the treatment of substance dependence, narcologists firmly commit to medications and diligently prescribe prescriptions aimed towards achieving substance independence. To deter a client from further abuse, substance abuse clinics keep them under surveillance. They also put those suffering from addiction into a select registry and have them make regular visits to a narcologist for five years until they completely recover. (2)

Substance use disorder

Finding the right treatment is the first step narcology takes towards disorder management. For many types of diseases, treatment involves the management of withdrawal symptoms, counselling, behavioural therapies, medications for ongoing treatment and introducing clients to support groups. These help clients to learn coping mechanisms, address past trauma and commit to a lasting recovery.

How Narcology Works in Addiction Treatment

The process of narcology addiction treatment begins with putting drug-addicted persons in the registry. Clients are expected to make regular follow-up visits to their doctors over the course of five years. During this period, narcologists may require urine samples and other tests to check whether those in recovery remain abstinent. Narcology officers provide various interventions for addiction treatment through the following ways:

  • Detoxification
  • Rehabilitation
  • Harm reduction
  • Abstinence-based treatment
  • Group and individual therapies
  • Oversight of halfway houses
  • Long-term therapies aimed at reducing the likelihood of relapse
  • Acute intervention
  • Treatment of withdrawal-related symptoms. (2)

Effectiveness in Addiction Treatment

Battling drug addiction could cause severe everyday life obstructions, and even be dangerous for one’s health. Scientists continue to explore new ways to help patients overcome addiction. The dominant narcological model has been actively effective. Most narcologists offer medication-based detoxification, rehabilitation and abstinence-based programmes that greatly help those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Through the use of diverse treatment framework, narcology is among the most effective means of addiction treatment.

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Narcology effects on long-term sobriety

Narcology is a successful way to overcome long-term drug addiction. Through ready access to buprenorphine and methadone or by having effective programs that offer social support for drug users, long-term sobriety is easier to achieve. Proper guidance and advice from narcologists will also keep patients on the right track towards achieving long-term sobriety.

Advantages of Narcology in Addiction Treatment

People who are experienced and conversant in narcology recommend it as one of the best means to overcome any drug addiction. Some of the advantages include offering a stable environment for the client, which is especially crucial to newly recovering alcohol or drug addicts. Narcologists recommend those suffering from an addiction to check into a rehab facility where there is zero tolerance to drugs or alcohol, as this will help the recovery process. The aftercare treatment significantly helps and prepares for a transition back home and helps people stay free of drugs and alcohol. Further, aftercare helps the client avoid relapse.
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How Does Narcology Differ from Other Treatment Options?

Narcology mainly focuses on early detection and treatment of people who are addicted to narcotics, alcohol and similar substances. It uses medical check-ups that are dynamic and regularly focuses on monitoring the progress even after the rehab client leaves the facilities. Narcology aims at developing some adequate methods, diagnostics and prophylactics stipulated by addiction. Additionally, it emphasises learning about addiction, ways to overcome it and relapse prevention, and it helps those suffering from an addiction identify the best tools to use for a successful recovery and a consistent, healthier life after rehab.

Things to Know before Starting Narcology Treatment

It is important to note that narcology treatment is available in each region also through official NHS channels, but only registered residents may expect to receive free therapy. Identification showing a local address is required to receive treatment. People who live outside the area must pay for narcology treatment. The quality of treatment will differ from one region to another, and clients are not allowed to visit another treatment facility. Usually, HIV tests are required before starting treatment. (2)

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