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New Service to Be Launched To Help All Types of Addiction

A new service to help those with addictions will be launched and run by the Central Vineyard Church in Northampton from next month. The church, along with the Christians Against Poverty charity, are aiming to offer the new service to those suffering with substance abuse problems as well as to those who are have behaviour addictions, i.e., addicted to such things as gambling and shopping.

Help for Addiction

Drug and alcohol addictions have devastating effects on the lives of those affected as well as those around them, but more and more, people are succumbing to other addictions such as gambling, sex, and even shopping, which can be equally as destructive. As Paul Veal from the Central Vineyard Church says, “We know that many people would love to stop a habit that they know isn’t doing them any good, but it’s hard to know where to start. There are many different temptations which once might have brought us comfort or were fun for a while, but have started to spoil our daily living.”

Service Format

The services will be on offer to those who know they need help for their addiction and it will run in a similar way to the 12 steps programme, run by groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous. Addicts will be able to take part in confidential group discussions and the programme is set to run for eight weeks. These group therapy sessions are often a great way for addicts to begin their recovery programme and consequent journey to overcoming their addiction.

Shopping Addiction

Most people are aware of addictions to drugs, alcohol, and gambling but there are other behavioural addictions that many not addicted find hard to understand but which exist nonetheless. Shopping addiction is an example of a behavioural addiction that can result in serious consequences for the person affected. Shopping addiction is also known as compulsive buying disorder and is a mental health condition. Those affected are compelled to spend money that they may not have on things that they do not even need. Some shopping addicts will continue to buy one type of product such as food, clothing, or even cleaning products.

Consequences of a Shopping Addiction

Those who suffer with compulsive buying disorder may give an outward appearance of being very well off but they may in fact be struggling with huge amounts of debt because of their condition. Many addicts will spend online and will have credit with major catalogue companies. They will rack up thousands of pounds worth of debt because of their compulsion to continually purchase items.

Many shopping addicts shop weekly or even daily and will shop to help deal with stress. Many will spend on credit cards and, once they have maxed these out, will take out new ones to enable them to keep shopping. They often buy items that they do not need and will never use and say that shopping makes them feel better. Some people will hide their problem from those closest to them and it will only come to light when they get deep into financial trouble and cannot pay their debts.

Getting Help for a Shopping Addiction

If you or a loved one has an addiction to shopping, Rehab Helper’s team of expert advisors and counsellors can help. Our team has been trained in all types of addiction and they can offer advice and information on the various treatments available. We liaise with a large network of rehabilitation centres across the country and can put you in touch with a suitable organisation from which you can get the help you need. Call us today for free, confidential advice.


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