12 step step twoIn this mini blog series we look at the 12 steps commonly prescribed in programs that are based on the original 12 steps by Alcoholics Anonymous. After a heavy drinker has admitted that they no longer have the willpower or control over their drinking in step one they are ready to move on to the second step of the recovery programme.

Step 2.-Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

This is often seen as a stumbling block by many people as they do not feel that they have sufficient believe in God or religion. They may see the 12 step programme is being too religious if they are not particularly of a strong faith.

When a 12 step programme speaks about God, they do not necessarily mean in the traditional sense of the word. They mean that own personal individual’s choice of higher force or being. Spiritual growth should not be hindered by prejudices against the wording of the steps. These first attempts at spiritual growth to have a conscious relationship with God as we understood him poses the question-“Asians do I now believe, or am I even willing to believe, that there is a power greater than myself?” Once an addict is ready to admit all willing to believe then they are on the path that can lead to sobriety. Spiritual growth and is keeping faith with the 12 step recovery programme can find that the discovery of a more spiritual side that may enhance their feelings of well-being and help replace the hole that stopping drinking has made in their lives. Drinking is often a habit and those addicted to alcohol may have as predictable routine to their drinking.

Atheists and those who find the concept of God uncomfortable they often use a higher force such as nature or another deity. This is often a life changing moment for many people entering into a 12 cell program the greater sense of spirituality that a 12 step programme brings helps the problem drinker finds serenity and much-needed peace in their life. Whatever higher forces chosen once the alcoholic accepts that it can help them then they can move farther along the path of rehabilitation to a sober future.

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