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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice
24 hours rehab

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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice

The Need to Overcome Fear of Failure in Rehab

Resistance to the idea of rehab is common among addicts. Many are simply not ready to admit they have a problem while others are reluctant to enter a rehabilitation programme because they are afraid of failure. Many addicts believe that they are too far gone in their addiction to be helped, and some fear what their life will be like when they no longer have a particular substance to rely on. Others just cannot picture life without their addiction and so are unwilling to take the chance.

Those who do make the decision to enter rehab have the chance to be free from addiction, but the fear of failure can prevent many of them from making it through until the end. Some will be so afraid that they will fail and mess up their chance that they will unknowingly sabotage their efforts in a type of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Overcoming a Fear of Failure

Many individuals will self-handicap as a way to protect their pride. They will deliberately underperform certain activities or create excuses for why they cannot do them before they even try. They do this to prevent themselves from failing and being embarrassed. Many believe that failing because they did not try as hard is less embarrassing than failing when they have tried to succeed. However, this kind of attitude can be destructive because it will make it that much more difficult for the person to have a successful recovery. It is essential that addicts let go of this self-handicapping behaviour in order to complete a successful recovery programme.

Do Not Stop Trying

It is imperative to realise that the biggest shame is not trying. There is no shame in failing. Providing you keep trying, you will succeed, and the feeling of success is very powerful. It is how you deal with failure that eventually brings success. Only those who stop trying in life are the ones who really fail. As long as you can learn from your mistakes, you will find the path to success. By seeing failure as parts of the road to success, you will get much more from your recovery programme.

Think Positively

Self-judgement is another obstacle to success in rehabilitation programmes. Many addicts are fearful of trying anything new because they have a negative opinion of themselves. Overcoming negative self-judgement in addiction recovery is vital. It is important to develop a positive attitude about yourself and your ability to succeed. Your therapist should be able to help you by showing you how to practice loving kindness meditation.

Spend Time with Positive People

While in rehab, it is a good idea to spend time with other recovering addicts who appear to be doing well. Those who are achieving success will likely motivate you to do well. This is one of the main reasons group therapy is so successful. Many recovering addicts will see others doing well and will think that they can achieve the same level of success. It can be very empowering to see others who were in a similar situation to yourself overcoming their addictions.

Finding the Right Treatment Provider

There are many options when it comes to addiction treatment. Nevertheless, many addicts and their families are unsure of where to look for help. At Rehab Helper, our team of dedicated advisors, counsellors and therapists work tirelessly to ensure that clients get the right help for their needs.

We liaise with an extensive network of providers that all offer tailored programmes based on the needs of the individual. By contacting Rehab Helper today, you can be put in touch with a provider that will assess your needs and create a plan to suit. Call us for more information.

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