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Why Numerous Attempts at Detoxification and Rehabilitation Could Not Save Corey Haim

When overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction, a process of detoxification is usually necessary. Although detox can be difficult, it is necessary for the addict to quit the chemical substance to which he or she is addicted before beginning a programme of rehabilitation.

Getting to the point where detoxification becomes a reality can take time, however. Many addicts spend years ignoring their problems, pretending they do not exist rather than actually facing up to them and attempting to get better.

Some try detox and rehab, only to revert to their addictive ways after a period of time. Some will spend their entire lives battling addiction, unable to loosen its grip. Sadly, some individuals will eventually succumb to their illness, having suffered for a very long time.

Life Destroyed

Corey Haim was one of the highest paid teenage actors in the eighties, having starred in The Lost Boys at the age of fifteen with Corey Feldman. The pair developed a bond that would last for decades and one that they described as a brotherhood. With the success of the film, the pair were catapulted into the spotlight and were soon sifting through thousands of fan letters every week.

However, fame took its toll and Haim struggled for two decades with a devastating addiction to illegal and prescription drugs. In 2008, the pair revealed that they had both been the victims of sexual abuse as teenagers, with the perpetrators being influential and prominent men in the movie industry.

In 2010, Haim died of pneumonia, but the post-mortem revealed that his long addiction to drugs had affected his body and contributed to his demise. A year later, Feldman appeared on the television programme Underage and Famous and in it he spoke of his friend’s death, blaming a ‘Hollywood mogul’ who had groomed him. He said, “I was surrounded by them when I was 14, and I didn’t even know it. It was only when I was old enough to know what they were. The number one problem in Hollywood was, is and always will be, paedophilia. It’s the big secret.”

In his biography, Feldman spoke about an ‘A-list star’ who told him that young boys and older men engaging in sexual relations was completely normal, although he stopped short of naming this man. Nevertheless, there are reports from Hollywood that the identity of the man could soon be revealed. If Feldman’s claims that sexual abuse led to the drug addiction that destroyed Haim’s life are substantiated, the implications in Tinsel Town could be massive.

How Trauma Can Lead to Addiction

There are many reasons people turn to chemical substances such as drugs and alcohol. Those who live their lives in the spotlight often find that the pressures of fame can be relieved with mood-altering substances.

For Corey Haim, fame coupled with sexual abuse had a devastating impact on his life and career. The trauma of abuse is something that often results in addiction as many sufferers try to block out the painful memories by getting high or drunk. Both Haim and Feldman struggled with addiction, and despite being huge stars as teenagers, neither went on to forge glittering careers as they got older.

At the age of just eighteen, Haim had entered rehab for the first time and then set up a teenage drugs advice hotline. Nonetheless, he admitted later that he often answered the phone while high on drugs himself. His addiction started to spiral out of control, and he became hooked on both illegal drugs and prescription medication.

Feldman was also struggling with addiction at the time and in 1990 he was arrested for heroin possession. While both battled drug addiction throughout their adult lives, the illness was far more devastating for Haim, who simply couldn’t get clean despite many attempts at detoxification and rehabilitation. Every time he was prescribed medication to help him overcome his addiction, he would develop another addiction to the drugs he was given.

A Tragic End

While Haim’s mother was receiving treatment for cancer in 2010, Haim died from pneumonia. Feldman claimed that his friend had been trying to get clean and be more responsible because of his mother’s diagnosis and said he was ‘in a good place’. Sadly, the years of abuse had taken its toll on Haim’s body, and he was unable to fight off the infection that killed him.

Beating Addiction

For some people with addiction, a programme of detoxification and rehabilitation is enough to get them on the straight and narrow, but others, like Corey Haim, are unable to overcome their illness, no matter how much they want to.

Here at UK Rehab, we know how hard it can be to beat addiction. Many of our staff members have been through recovery journeys and are aware of the difficulties facing those who are affected by drugs or alcohol.

Nevertheless, they are living proof that addiction is a treatable illness and one that it is possible to beat with the right help and support. We work closely with organisations around the UK that provide first-class care for those who want to get better.

Our free service includes an in-depth assessment of your drug or alcohol use, as well as your general health and personal circumstances. We can then use this confidential information to find the right treatment provider in your area. If you would prefer to have your treatment away from home, we can put you in touch with providers in other regions of the UK or overseas. Contact us today for more information on our services.

Source: The two Coreys: the forgotten child star tragedy that shames Hollywood (The Telegraph)

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