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Private rehabilitation clinics play a major part in helping patients get away from their substance abuse. Whether it's a conventional private rehab centre or a luxury rehab centre the treatments are very similar and all work towards getting patients off of their addictions. It's important to remember that entering a private rehab clinic isn't easy, though. And even when a clinic is entered there is a lot of drug rehabilitation treatments that must be employed to target the variety of problems that patients tend to suffer with.

Getting Into Private Rehab Facilities

The first step to entering drug rehab centres that are privately run is to get more information on each clinic. It's not a case of just going to a doctor and then being referred straight to a specific drug clinic. Patients must make sure that they can find the centres that are right for them. Some people require luxury rehab in order to fully concentrate on their goals, whereas others are fine with conventional private rehab facilities. A family member or friend should help the addict with searching for a centre that's right for them as doctors will only be able to help with this to a certain extent.

Local doctors work within the state system and only have limited contact with private drug clinics in the area. They will know a little bit about them, but since they are not working with them on a regular basis it's hard to really give an accurate opinion. Of course, it's still worth listening to them, but it's better to rely on independent research.

Medical assessments must be carried out prior to entering the facility. This will involve a trip to a doctor and some proof that the proper tests have been carried out. For those patients who are chronic drug addicts a trip to the hospital may be on the cards. If it's considered to be too dangerous to simply allow them to come off of their drugs then they will send them to the hospital to perform a controlled detox. It means that opiate substitutes, such as methadone, will be administered. These are less addictive than conventional drugs and less harmful, whilst still addressing the body's cravings.

It should be noted that a lot of private rehabilitation clinics no longer operate detox programs within their centres. A significant number of them are investing their funds elsewhere and are instead only accepting patients who can show that they can quit for a small amount of time. Chronic drug addicts may have an exception, however, since they can simply go to a hospital to receive a drug detox.

The Problems of Becoming an Addict

Addiction is a serious problem due to the fact that it can cause many more problems than a simple addiction. Private drug and alcohol rehab institutions will have trained health care staffs that are well-versed in withdrawal symptoms and the impact of substance abuse. Immediate drug problems manifest themselves in the form of withdrawal symptoms, but they could also be indicators of other illnesses. Just some of these illnesses have been listed below.

  • Depression. It's a cycle for drug users to develop depression due to a specific emotional trauma and then to take drugs. They automatically feel bad because they've become a drug user, so their depression deepens. When the illness gets worse they take more drugs and the cycle continues on until it's broken.
  • Heart problems. The valves of the heart are often damaged by opiate-based drugs like heroin. It can lead to regular heart palpitations and constant sweating. But it's not uncommon for death to occur if the problem isn't targeted quickly. Surgery is often required to repair the valves or to replace them completely.
  • Collapsed veins. Injecting drugs is going to damage the veins each and every time a needle is used. It helps to cut off blood flow to certain areas of the body, which simultaneously leads to more heart problems.

Often, these problems are missed by patients as they assume that they are conventional withdrawal symptoms. That's not the case at all and these are serious problems that can cause significantly more emotional trauma. Private rehab will attempt to counter these issues by making sure that they are addressed quickly. Private rehabilitation clinics may even end up saving people's lives.

Rehab Treatment

Mental issues are where addictions truly lie. The physical symptoms can be cured by medicines, such as methadone, but the mental problems require counselling and various techniques to alter the emotional processes that addict's minds are going through. Studies have shown that once the addiction is cleared the physical withdrawal symptoms will gradually disappear, so therefore they are not the focus unless they are a direct obstacle to the healing process.

Counselling with drug counsellors, in both group and individual settings, is central to the whole drug rehabilitation process. Drug rehab centres are looking to uncover what individuals have tried to hide for so many years. To many people, it might seem cruel and tough on them as it could be unveiling problems that even close family members don't know about. It's emotional and it can literally rip the mental state of the patient apart. The idea behind it is that the whole character is rebuilt.

Take a look at the average drug addict and it's clear that it's a broken person. They have nothing and their character and confidence has been shot to pieces. Through counselling this character can be rebuilt and the patient is essentially reborn again.

Rehab treatment will teach people how to cope with relapsing and preventing it. Through advice and guidance as part of a comprehensive aftercare problem people will be provided with the tools they need to successfully enter the real world. It's throwing the former addict into a completely new level of drug rehabilitation as it will be the first time that they leave the safe environment of drug rehab centres to go at it alone. Many do relapse and have to go through these programs again, though.

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