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Rehab clinics in Bristol are on hand to aid addicts with their drug and alcohol issues. Bristol's drug and alcohol rehab clinics make sure they have the tools needed to help get to the root of an addiction. At the same time, it's important they prepare facilities where patients can cut themselves off from the outside world in an effort to direct their full attention to the problem at hand. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Bristol is all about these things. However, the difficulty for patients is taking the decision to get up and change themselves.

Hard Times

Actually checking in to private rehabilitation clinics can be just as hard as actually getting rid of the addiction itself. Most people who need alcohol or drug rehab are not ignorant of their problems. They might be ignorant as to the extent of their problems, but they know they are in a serious position. Even if they want to change themselves, though, they often can't until they are left with nothing. The trick for any concerned family members or friends is to make them realise the extent of their problems so they can get into one of the rehab clinics in Bristol. Here are some of the common mistakes people make when they have an addict in the family.

  • The enabling act. Acting as an enabler looks, from the outside, like a generous action. The individual is providing them with something the addict wants in an attempt to allow them to get over their problems. Whether they are ignorant or afraid of being cruel is irrelevant, the point is they are making the problem worse.
  • Keeping them from danger. This is a controversial issue; it's the issue of allowing the addict to suffer. Family members will pay the money to bail them out if they get into trouble with the law, or they may pay their debts to avoid them losing their home. Don't do this, they are adults and need to face the consequences of their actions.
  • Not following through on threats. Giving an ultimatum to an addict is a good thing to do; get healthy, or get out. But when they don't follow through on these threats it says to the addict they can do what they want because nothing bad is going to happen.

Any of these three mistakes can be rectified to get the patient into drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Bristol. Being cruel to be kind is the name of the game to get someone into a Bristol drug or alcohol rehab centre. They may not appreciate it in the short term, but in the future they will be thankful.

Choosing a Clinic

Choosing between the private rehabilitation clinics in Bristol is hard. There are clinics everywhere and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. When attempting to cope with a serious problem like alcoholism or drug abuse, carrying out proper research normally isn't something which can be done. There are other options, though.

The first thing they can do is draft in the help of an understanding family member or friend. Allow them to help in making the choice, or at least narrowing down the choices. Furthermore, it's a good idea because they can help the sufferer stay on the straight and narrow whilst searching for the right Bristol rehab clinic.

In the event of no help, it's up to the addict to seek it out. Going to the doctor is the first step to take. They will know of the various centres for drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Bristol. Even if they are not directly connected to these facilities, they can still point patients in the right direction. Many doctors know of patients who have been to various facilities before, so they can give an informed opinion of the subject.

A note should be made on the concept of private and state-run rehab clinics in Bristol. With the recent cuts to the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, a number of services have taken a massive financial hit. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Bristol is on area which has suffered at the hands of recent government policy. It means its capacity to take on patients is down, the level of equipment is down, and the experienced staff members are now going elsewhere where they can best ply their trade. All of these things don't exist in private rehabilitation clinics.

What a Clinic Needs

It's necessary to look out for specific clinic attributes when choosing one of Bristol's drug rehab or alcohol rehab facilities. Every patient has a different need, which is why rehab centres need to be flexible in the way they give out treatment to patients. Below is the list of the major facilities a clinic needs to provide the best possible addiction recovery program:

  • Trained counsellors providing top notch individual support. The main factor in curing an addiction is getting down to the heart of the matter. Many addicts have suffered from traumatic childhood experiences.
  • Group support. A community feel must be created in order to increase the levels of patient retention. Addicts always feel better if they can interact with people who are going through, or who have been through what they have before. Addicts and former addicts are easy to relate to.
  • Creative support. Most addicts are bored with life and need some form of creative outlet to turn themselves away from their problems, as well as the ability to take something with them when they enter the real world again.
  • Medical support. Withdrawal symptoms can hit some patients extremely hard, and the only way to solve the problem is through certain medical placebos. All clinics should have these on hand should an emergency arise.

Aftercare encompasses a wide selection of different alcohol and drug rehab strategies. Some of Bristol's addiction recovery clinics provide the opportunity to talk to a trained professional for the first month after leaving the facility. Other facilities make sure they provide regular sessions where former residential patients can come back for regular counselling sessions, although most of Bristol's rehabilitation clinics merely have connections with walk-in centres where they send their patients to.

Strong aftercare is imperative for addicts. If they have nothing to go back to when they leave rehab, the chances are they will retreat back into their old vices to mask the pain caused by having no hope and no prospects.

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