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Rehab treatment clinics Somerset are the perfect facilities for patients who want to get rid of their addictions. Ridding oneself of an addiction is the hardest thing which can ever be overcome. But through addiction rehabilitation clinics in Somerset the tools necessary to overcome such an obstacle are available for use. Only through an alcohol and drug detox can a better future be forged for the person suffering from an addiction.

The Detoxification Process

An alcohol and drug detox is the first thing any patient will have to undergo before they are able to confront their issues and cope with them. When somebody attempts to beat an addiction before undergoing detoxification their full attention won't be focused on the goal. If the body is unable to stand on its own drug and alcohol rehab centers can't treat a patient since withdrawal symptoms will override any attempts to get well again.

How does the detoxification process happen, though? Well, it starts with taking the substance away. This is the easy part as alcohol and drug addiction treatment will be taking place in a secure facility where no harmful substances will be available for use. At the same time, coping with the results of this safe environment is the hardest thing to cope with. It's a paradox which all patients will have to cope with.

In event of a minor addiction, some careful monitoring and examination to make sure the individual doesn't take a turn for the worst is often sufficient enough. More extreme addictions warrant a different approach, though.

Special medications which are only available within addiction rehabilitation clinics in Somerset are used to help with the detox process. An alcohol and drug detox involves these medications because they are so powerful in deceiving the body. Although the individual's body will have developed a state of dependence, in the event of a serious addiction, these medications can remove this dependence.

The way the drugs work is they replicate the feeling of the original substance. They do this through a special chemical formula, but this isn't dangerous. It doesn't cause any health complications and it won't impact the addiction in any other way than in a positive fashion. The most important benefit is the addictive qualities are removed. It means the body will never become addicted to this new medication.

Eventually, when the body feels it can sustain itself without these drugs, the medication will be removed and the detoxification process will be over. Now it will be time to begin the recovery process since now there are no distractions. Essentially, the goal is now to stay clean and to avoid allowing the body to become dependent again.


Addiction recovery is not as simple as quitting something, it encompasses a wide variety of different things. Each patient will have a different emphasis placed on each aspect since it's down to their individual situation. Here are the aspects of recovery rehab treatment clinics in Somerset which will help the patient to move forward into a better future:

  • One-to-one counseling gives patients the opportunity to speak about their most sensitive issues in a safe environment. A trained healthcare specialist will speak to them about their problems and help them to cope with it. They will also teach them a number of coping techniques to get them through the rough patches.
  • Group support sessions involve interacting with other patients. This is often the trigger people need to get well again as they can see people who are worse than them, as well as people who are an inspiration. Countless studies have demonstrated how beneficial it can be to have the help of a companion or two alongside them when beating an addiction.
  • Addiction rehabilitation clinics in Somerset will always make sure they have additional classes on hand for patients to learn new skills to take with them into the outside world. Alcohol and drug addiction treatment isn't just about beating the addiction, it's about transforming lives. Classes will tend to come in the form of life skills, sports, general fitness, and cooking.
  • Aftercare. There's no point letting residential patients leave their drug and alcohol rehab centers without any support. There's a higher chance of people relapsing if their support is taken away in one swoop. Usually, aftercare is given in the form of direction to a walk-in centre and a substance abuse counselor over the phone.
Coping With Addiction

Rehab treatment clinics in Somerset will always teach people the ways of how to cope with their addictions. These things will be applied both inside and outside the private rehab clinic. They have been shown to be effective and are guaranteed to increase the chances of long term success.

  • Distractions. People should attempt to distract themselves to rid themselves of any intense cravings. The best way to do this is to get a job since it takes up so much of the day, but interesting hobbies can accomplish exactly the same thing.
  • Replacement. Removing a common feeling or technique and replacing it with something else can do wonders. For example, one technique for smokers is to chew gum to replicate the feeling of regularly having something in the mouth; cannabis users can do the same thing.
  • Distance. Placing physical distance between the hazard can lessen the intensity of a craving significantly. If an alcoholic encounters a bar they can simply walk down the street and their desire to drink alcohol will decrease significantly.
  • Delaying the situation is one way to reduce the chances of falling to temptation. Call somebody over the phone if a craving is coming on. It's one way to delay confronting the situation.
  • Seeking help. Sometimes things can get to be too much. Speak to somebody responsible about these issues and a talk with them will most likely be enough to eliminate the cravings. Even just calling a counselor can be sufficient enough to solve the problem.

Relapsing can happen at any time. There are no defenses against this. Even the best rehabilitation treatments won't be enough to help everybody with their addictions. Those who have been addicted to drugs and alcohol in the long term will often struggle the most with long term abstinence. It's not uncommon for patients to relapse years after leaving their private rehabilitation centers. The important thing to do is to acknowledge it and confront the issue as a mere side effect of attempting to escape from the iron grip of addiction.

All addiction rehabilitation clinics in Somerset have had patients who have relapsed at some point during their lives. It's not uncommon and there's always a chance of failure, but failure is not something which is obtained until the person gives up. The good news is rehab treatment clinics in Somerset are always willing to take former residents in with open arms. As long as they follow the same procedure as before they can undergo the same treatment once again.

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