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24 hours rehab

Call Now for Immediate Confidential Help and Advice 02038 115 619 

24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice
02038 115 619

The importance of drug and alcohol treatment should not be underestimated in the 21st century, when access to alcohol and other abused substances is so readily available. Add to that the fact that social drinking is so widely accepted, and it’s not hard to see how so many social drinkers make the jump to being alcoholics. Unfortunately, alcoholism‘s effects are devastating not only on the individual alcoholic, but also the families of alcoholics and society in general. The same can be said about the typical drug addict.

To show you how necessary treatment centres and their alcohol inpatient rehab programs are, we’ve listed below several rehab treatment success stories. We hope by reading them you’ll be inspired to seek drug or alcohol inpatient rehab at a certified drug rehab centre if you’re suffering from addiction or part of an alcoholic‘s family.

Nancy J. – Alcoholic

Nancy J. grew up in South London in a family where alcoholism was part of the family history. She had her first drink when she was a mere 12 years old, thanks to parents who included drinking in almost everything. At age 26 Nancy realized alcoholism was destroying her own life, so she reached out to an inpatient alcohol rehabilitation clinic for help. As part of her alcohol rehab centre program she was required to meet with other families of alcoholics in order to hear their stories. The reality of alcohol’s effects on these innocent strangers was enough to change her attitude.

Nancy completed the inpatient portion of her rehab treatment centre’s program in just over 90 days. She continued with a follow-up alcoholism treatment program for the next six months and is now happy to report she hasn’t had a drink since the first day she entered the treatment centre. Now free from alcohol her family is thrilled to have her back.

Derek P. – Drug Addict

Derek P. is your average, middle-class worker providing for his family. In fact, you’d never know his history as a drug user by looking at him. Yet Derek tells the story of his struggles with addiction and the drug rehab centre that probably saved his life.

He was just 19 years old when he entered the treatment centre, but a veteran of the drug scene nonetheless. Like so many others in the program his abuse began with alcohol at an early age then graduated to marijuana and cocaine in his teen years. Without any sort of family intervention from parents and siblings Derek spiralled downward into the dark abyss of addiction. Thankfully the program he enrolled in at the drug rehab centre helped him refocus his life and get clean.

William H. – Alcoholic and Drug Abuser

Five years ago William H. enrolled in an Alcoholics Anonymous program in Liverpool. Yet shortly after he fell off the wagon and returned to the bottle. It was clear alcoholism’s hold on his life would be nearly unbreakable without serious inpatient alcohol rehabilitation. Fortunately William’s wife and siblings were not the typical alcoholic‘s family. When he reached out they gladly investigated some alcohol inpatient rehab options and got him enrolled in a good program.

When his alcohol treatment program started William was surprised to find others who, like him, enrolled primarily for alcoholism intervention only to be treated for drug addiction at the same time. William was just one of several inpatient clients who underwent intense counselling, family intervention therapy, and education. Most importantly William learned he could not blame family alcoholism for his problems. He had to take ownership of his addiction.

As a graduate of the alcohol rehab inpatient program today, William not only lives drug and alcohol free, he also volunteers at the alcohol rehab centre to help provide support for other addicts. His story shows that with the support of the alcoholic‘s family, intervention and treatment can be successful.

Philomena M. – Alcohol and Drug User

Philomena M. is currently part of an inpatient alcohol treatment program in London. Unfortunately, she was already a long-time alcohol and drug user when she immigrated to the UK from the Philippines. While you could easily see the results of drug abuse on her face, the alcohol’s devastation of her liver was not so easily seen. Philomena needed help desperately; help she found through alcohol inpatient rehab. Just a couple of months into her alcohol treatment and Philomena still has a long way to go. And though there’s no way to forecast whether or not she’ll succeed, we can say that without alcoholism treatment centres and the help they provide she most likely wouldn’t survive.

These few stories paint a picture of inpatient alcohol treatment and why it’s so desperately needed. If you know any families of alcoholics, or you are a family member yourself, seek out a drug and alcohol treatment program before family alcoholism destroys everything. And if you’re not already a supporting an alcohol rehab centre in some way, get involved today.

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