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24 hours rehab
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There is plenty to choose from in terms of alcohol addiction treatment facilities, but most people have little or no knowledge of what they should be looking for when it comes to alcohol rehab facilities. There are many organisations both in the public and private sector where alcohol addiction treatment is provided, but when it comes to public organisations such as the NHS and charity services, there may not be much choice. However, with private alcohol rehab, you can decide how much you want to pay and the type of programme that you would be most comfortable with.

What to Consider

Several basic criteria should be taken into consideration when you start looking for alcohol rehab facilities. The first and most obvious one is the location of the facility. You need to make sure that you are comfortable with the clinic’s location in terms of how easy it is for you to get to it and how convenient it will be for family members if they wish to visit. Nevertheless, if you prefer to be treated in a town or city away from where you live, then the location is less important.

The types of treatment, certification of the staff, and the cost are other factors that need careful consideration before making any decisions. Some will base their choice on the reputation of the clinic and by checking out reviews of other patients who have had their treatment at the facility.

External Help

Your recovery should be the most important thing in your life right now, so take some time to review the options you have before making a fully informed decision. This may not be easy if your mind is still cloudy from addiction, but get help from a loved one or talk to us here at UK Rehab. We have experience when it comes to finding the right treatment for those who want to overcome their alcohol addictions.

We have been working closely with alcohol rehab facilities all over the UK for many years and have been instrumental in finding suitable providers for countless individuals in this time. We know exactly what type of care you will get at each facility. Moreover, based on a fully comprehensive assessment that we will carry out on your illness and your personal situation, we can assure you that we will recommend a provider that you will be completely comfortable with.

A More Detailed Analysis

Nonetheless, we do not just want you to take our word for it; we know that you will want to make sure the rehabilitation facility you choose is right for you. Below is a list of useful criteria that you can use to help when it comes to making an informed decision about the alcohol rehab facilities you are considering.

  • Patient-centred approach – A good rehabilitation clinic will be one that puts the needs of the patient before anything else. Finances and staff convenience must come behind the patient’s wellbeing. The best way to find out the philosophy of a clinic in terms of patients and their recovery is to talk to someone who has already attended the facility. You may be able to find out this information by checking online or speaking to someone at your local fellowship support meeting. It is likely that someone there will have been to the clinic or will know someone who did.
  • Treating alcoholism as an illness – Alcoholism is a recognised illness and should be treated as such in terms of alcohol addiction treatment. A good rehabilitation clinic will recognise that patients are ill and will not treat them as crazy or bad people who have done wrong. It is essential that a facility treats patients as ill and will do whatever they can to help them recovery. Alcoholics should not be treated with drugs.
  • Does the clinic have a detox facility? – Most people with alcoholism will require a detox before they can begin their rehabilitation. Being able to access a programme of detox and rehabilitation in the same clinic is important to some individuals. There are benefits to having both detox and rehabilitation at the same alcohol rehab facility, not least of which is the fact that patients tend to receive better care. There are no conflicting philosophies and any complications due to detox will be dealt with quicker and easier by staff from the same facility.
  • Length of the programme – Most residential treatment programmes last for a period of four to six weeks. Four weeks should be the minimum stay for a programme of rehabilitation to be effective. In fact, staying for six weeks or longer can be beneficial for patients in terms of a stable recovery. However, staying in treatment for longer than eight weeks could be counterproductive as many people will become institutionalised and will find it difficult to return to the real world.
  • Professional staff – A clinic staffed by fully qualified staff, recovering addicts, and support workers offers the best type of programme. While staff who have been through their own recovery journeys offer first-hand knowledge and experience that patients will appreciate and find helpful, a clinic should definitely not be run by recovering addicts alone. It is essential that there is a good mix, with a number of certified counsellors, therapists and medical professionals on hand in case of complications or emergencies.

We Are Ready to Help

If you need help when it comes to choosing alcohol rehab facilities, contact us here at UK Rehab today. We are ready to take your call, and we will provide you with detailed information on the various treatment providers who would be most suitable for your needs.

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