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24 hours rehab
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What is Luxury/Executive Drug Rehab?

Luxury drug rehabilitation centres are available for patients who desperately need alcohol treatment. A common misconception is that the only people who can receive a luxury drug rehab treatment program are those who can afford to pay out a significant amount of money for it. This isn’t the case at all as more treatment centers than ever are now modernising their buildings for the benefit of patients. There are actually a lot of benefits associated with luxury drug rehab, and that’s why it’s becoming more common. In addition, they are now more accessible than ever and can be found in most areas of the modern world.

Private and State Rehab Centres

It should be noted that treatment clinics that are run by the state often don’t have luxury facilities. What has to be remembered is that a privately run addiction treatment clinic is going to have the financial backing to completely renovate the location. They can get the best equipment, the best professionals, and the best patient care services available. When it comes to the state services their budgets are constantly being slashed and cut down to a minute size. Many of them are even cutting back services as a result of government cuts since the global economic downturn took hold.

It’s highly recommended that patients opt for private centres, especially if they are receiving alcoholism treatment at an inpatient centre. The fact of the matter is that treatment clinics that are run privately are offering five-star accommodation for a fraction of the price. It provides a lot of crucial benefits for patients, and studies have shown that more patients quit when they are staying in a superior location.

Better Staff

It’s a fact that the best staff will side with the private sector as they know that they are going to have a much better personal and professional experience there. It’s also a fact that the very best health care professionals and drug counsellors will opt for the company that can support them in the most optimal way.

Due to the fact that the state system is generally quite underfunded, staff members are constantly attempting to make the best of what they have. If they have the funding to invest in the most technologically advanced equipment and the latest techniques then they are going to be able to provide a better service for patients. As professionals, they will want to be providing the service that’s going to help addicts turn a corner, whether they have an alcohol addiction or a hard drug addiction.

Crucial Accommodation

Accommodation when receiving alcohol addiction treatment as an inpatient is more important than many people immediately think. Most patients will be staying in places that are superior to the conditions they have been living in. It’s rare for alcoholics and other drug addicts to keep a good house as they are either drinking or recovering from a previous drinking bout. Provide them with luxury drug rehab accommodation and they won’t be worrying about where they happen to be staying.

The idea behind providing a luxurious location is that it allows people to concentrate on one thing and one thing alone; getting better. If they are worrying about where they are staying then they won’t be providing their full attention to healing themselves. Those who don’t have their full attention fixed on the goal are much more likely to fail at their task as it’s incredibly difficult to break any addiction at the best of times.

Furthermore, the belief goes that patients need a bit of luxury treatment to feel better about themselves. One of the reasons why people turn to any drug is because they believe that nobody cares what happens to them. They may have been abandoned whilst they were young or they may be suffering from parenting malnutrition. Parents will often neglect their children, which can contribute to them growing up to be drug addicts. If patients believe that somebody cares about them during their addiction treatment then they are going to warm to the whole idea of treatment.

Five-Star Expenses

Contrary to popular belief, luxury drug rehabilitation centres don’t just cater to the rich. Since it’s becoming so prevalent in the industry many treatment centers are now offering their treatments at very affordable prices. It provides patients who are low on funds with the opportunity to receive drug addiction treatment at prices that they can afford. It’s a form of openness and providing the best treatment to those who need it.

It’s true that prices will vary wildly, but through some Internet research friends and family members can help people with their decisions. Doctors also know a lot about the various luxury treatment facilities in their local area and they will be able to direct people to the ones that are right for them. Always keep in mind that luxury doesn’t have to come at a high price.

Are Luxury Treatment Clinics Always Better?

The debate over whether providing luxury drug addiction treatment is actually a way to improve the chances of staying away from these dangerous substances is something that has raged over the years. Its crucial right from the very start to mention that there’s no direct causation link between the number of stars that a clinic might have and the chances of actually getting better. What does exist, though, is a correlation. There is a correlation with the chance of being cured compared to the quality of the facility.

Whilst it wouldn’t be accurate to state that staying in a luxury addiction treatment clinic automatically means that people are going to be cured, it’s accurate to state that there’s something there that increases the chances of success.

Choosing a Luxury Rehabilitation Facility

Actually choosing one of these facilities isn’t easy. The first decision to make is whether it has to be a luxury addiction treatment center or not. If it doesn’t have that vital track record then never hesitate to opt for something else. If it does then the first thing that should be looked at is the track record of each individual facility. Good track records indicate that the treatments and techniques administered there obviously work and can help patients to rediscover the life that they had before the addiction. Many new clinics won’t actually have the long term statistics that are necessary to find out if their rehab programs work in the long term. Don’t make this a reason for not attending it. If these statistics don’t exist then go on the short term figures instead.

Another factor that has to be taken into account is the patient to staff ratio. It’s a common misconception to believe that a big facility means that the residents are not going to get the personalised service that they need to confront their issues. What needs to be looked at are the ratios. If a facility has 500 different patients and 1,000 different staff members then this would be a premier institution that would need serious consideration. On the other hand, a place that only has 10 patients and three staff members wouldn’t be a good place to stay at since the amount of face time with a counsellor or a health care professional would be reduced dramatically.

Talk to the people who have visited that addiction treatment facility before. It can be hard to get in touch with former patients, but take note that many institutions will actually employ some of their former residents. These people will often lead group sessions and reinforce to patients that they are in a safe place that can provide them with the salvation that they need. Even those who are already checked-in to a rehab program will be questioning their decisions as a result of the doubts and fears that most addicts experience after they have made the decision to change themselves.

Do They Differ in Practice?

In practice, a luxury institution won’t differ in the slightest. The thing that separates a luxury environment from everything else is the equipment it possesses. There won’t be any difference in the techniques or the treatment programs that are used. It’s true that the staff might have some additional expertise, but the key tenants remain the same. What any drug or alcohol addiction rehab program will consist of are:

  • Individual counselling where the main issues that people are suffering with are confronted. Individual counselling with a professional drug counsellor are generally the most emotional experiences for patients.
  • Group sessions are all about creating a community. Once a community is created it provides a support network for people to share their thoughts and feelings with. Once a community has been created it massively increases the chances of success.
  • Additional activities come in the form of hobbies. These will differ radically depending on the units that the facility possesses. Generally, though, cooking, sports, and life skills classes can be found here. It gives people the opportunity to find a creative outlet for themselves and to develop the skills that they can use when they return to the real world again.

The principle of curing any addiction remains the same. The original reasons for the addiction must be uncovered and targeted. If they can’t be found then it can never be cured as the trigger is always going to be there. Once the counsellors have revealed the true reason for this sort of damaging behaviour they will talk and will try to make sure that these problems can be coped with. The large majority of addicts have gone through traumatic events and need careful help. After they have acknowledged and beaten their issues the immediate withdrawal symptoms can be cured.

One area where one of these institutions may differ, however, is in their use of medicines. Medicine, such as methadone, is often employed for the purposes of helping people to deal with their withdrawal symptoms and to gradually wean them off these hazardous materials without causing any additional damage.

Luxury institutions will often have the latest drugs at their disposal first. If this is the case then the patients who are present may have an enhanced service that can’t be offered by any conventional drug or alcohol rehab center.


The subject of detoxification is something that has been changing within the addiction programs of the world. In previous years, detoxing was done within the facilities themselves. They used to run their own in-house programs, which meant that sufferers could go straight from a doctor’s surgery over to a rehab facility. It then changed the other way and the requirements to enter the large majority of treatment programs were that the individual would have to have been sober for roughly 21 days.

Luxurious drug rehabilitation facilities have changed, though. Since they have the funding to be able to run these in-house detox programs many of them are. The main benefit for patients is that they don’t have to stay within a hospital until they reach the requirements. And if they couldn’t stay in hospital, in the past, then they were often abandoned. With programs like these nobody is left behind and everybody is able to get the treatment that they need to successfully begin the regular treatment program.


Aftercare programs will normally last for a month after the initial program has been completed. These superior quality institutions will be able to provide contact with counsellors who can provide advice and direction once the patient moves onto the next step of their journey. Strong aftercare problems are often crucial to the future success of patients; of which many do relapse later into their treatment.

Take note that aftercare is normally present whether the institution is offering an inpatient or an outpatient program. Leaving each step is a different experience and can be very difficult to deal with, which means that there are untold opportunities to fail and return to those habits that sent them to drug addiction treatment programs in the first place.

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