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Changing Alcohol Guidelines Could Prevent More People from Developing Addictions

Across the UK, thousands of people of all ages are struggling every day to deal with alcohol-related issues. Alcohol addiction affects many individuals and there are numerous knock-on effects for those who live and work with them.

Alcohol addiction does not occur suddenly. It is a gradual process and the truth is that many alcoholics do not even realise that they have an addiction. They are simply drinking more and more without recognising that they have become dependent on it. It is only when a loved one confronts him or her that the individual may begin to realise his or her drinking has become problematic. In many instances, loved ones will realise there is a problem before the actual alcoholic does.

One of the problems with alcohol is that people either do not realise or are in denial about how much they are drinking. There are recommended daily guidelines in place for the amount of alcohol that a person should drink daily or weekly. However, many in the UK regularly drink more than these amounts, and this could become problematic.

Change Needed for Alcohol Guidelines

The chief executive of Burton Addiction Centre, Noreen Oliver, believes that the current guidelines for alcohol consumption are confusing and need to be changed. She thinks that if guidelines were simplified, more people would be inclined to drink healthy amounts. According to Mrs Oliver, “They need to change the measurements from units to pints, bottles, and glasses. I think it would make a difference. People would pay more attention. Even I have to take a moment to work out how many units are in a drink.”

At the moment, it is recommended that men do not drink more than three to four units per day while women no more than two to three units daily.

Binge Drinking

Many people tend to drink relatively little during the week but then go out and drink heavily at the weekend. However, according to Mrs Oliver, the frequency of alcohol consumed was more relevant than the amount drunk on one night. She said, “People do still need to be aware of the amount they drink and, more importantly, the frequency. When you find yourself drinking large amounts every night and feeling like you need a drink, that is when it becomes a problem.”

Mrs Oliver feels that by changing the guidelines to make the acceptable amount for alcohol consumption easier to understand, more people would be prevented from developing alcohol-related problems such as liver disease. Currently, there are around 38,000 people living in the East Staffordshire area with chronic alcohol-related illnesses.

Consequences of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction affects people in many different ways. This disease not only affects people mentally and emotionally, but it also affects them physically as well. There is a number of health problems associated with alcoholism, including high blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease, and some cancers.

An alcohol addiction can also cause mental health problems including paranoia, depression, anxiety, and hallucinations.

Family and work life can also suffer when one person is affected by alcohol addiction. Being drunk or hungover can affect an individual’s ability to care for their children or do their job, and relationships often suffer because of alcohol addiction.

Getting Help

If you or a loved one is suffering because of alcohol addiction, then it is time to get help. There are countless organisations across the UK offering treatments for all types of addiction; Rehab Helper can provide advice and assistance when it comes to accessing these treatments.

For help with addiction issues, contact Rehab Helper today.


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