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24 hours rehab
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The Link Between Alcohol and Violent Behaviour

A couple of the side effects of drug and alcohol abuse are violence and aggressive behaviour. Those with drug or alcohol addictions tend to commit violent crimes. Alcohol, in particular, can be an important factor in many violent crimes.

It is common for alcohol to be involved in anti-social behaviour, homicides, sexual assault, property crimes, and domestic violence. Alcohol affects individuals in many different ways, with some feeling happy or confident while others suffer from depression and anger that can make them violent.

Certain drugs can also affect people’s behaviour and cause them to become involved in violent crimes. Crack cocaine and methamphetamine are two examples of drugs that tend to cause paranoia and agitation.

Terror Attack

A woman from Hull experienced first-hand how alcohol can cause violent behaviour when her ex-boyfriend attacked her after breaking into her house. Darren Smelt, a former heroin addict, broke a mirror over his own head and tried to cut his face with glass from a smashed vase before turning on his ex and attacking her with a series of punches to the face and head.

The woman broke free and ran to the house next door where her cousin lived but nobody was home. She then went back to her house and pushed past Smelt as he was leaving. She tried to close the door behind her but he pushed his way back in, smashing a clock before leaving.

Addiction to Blame

Smelt was also involved in another act of drunken aggression a few months later when he was asked to leave a bar in the centre of Hull. He threatened a member of staff and then head-butted a door.

Smelt has acknowledged that alcohol abuse is the cause of his violent actions but believes he can kick his alcohol addiction in the same way that he kicked his former heroin habit. He has tried to get his life back on track since the incident and has reconciled with his wife and son.

However, the judge felt that there was no option but to impose a prison sentence of twelve months due to the terror and fear he inflicted on his victim. Smelt was also ordered to pay £180 costs and was given a restraining order.

Why Alcohol Causes Violent Behaviour

When a person is under the influence of alcohol, their ability to think clearly is affected; many drunk people just cannot be reasoned with. They may see a situation in one way and, no matter what they are told, will not be able to see beyond their point of view.

In many instances, individuals can react badly to a situation that they would not bother about if they were not under the influence of alcohol. Many alcoholics can become confrontational when normally walking away from situations perceived dangerous.

Those under the influence of alcohol are more likely to misread situations or misinterpret the behaviour of others, leading to aggression and violence.

Getting Help for Addiction

Addiction is an illness and, as such, requires treatment. Many who have never experienced addiction may find it difficult to understand why others drink to excess when it is clear that it is damaging their health and their relationships. However, those with addiction have no control over their actions and they must be treated accordingly.

Rehab Helper is a free service working hard to put addicts in touch with the right treatment providers for their needs. We have a team of expert advisors on hand to take your call and assess your situation. Call today for advice and support.


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