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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice

There is no doubting the fact that alcohol is a significant problem in the lives of many people around the UK. This legally available and socially acceptable substance is also one that can cause a host of problems, including addiction. This could mean that, for many people, an alcohol counsellor is necessary if they want to recover.

The Health Risks of Alcohol

In January 2016, the UK Government announced that the recommended alcohol guidelines for men were to be reduced from twenty-one units per week to fourteen to bring it in line with the recommended weekly guidance for women.

The guideline change came after a review by Public Health England (PHE), commissioned by the Government, revealed that the existing guidelines were too high and that those who were consuming large amounts of alcohol each week were putting their health at risk. As part of the recommendations by PHE, the public was advised to have a number of alcohol-free days every week while pregnant women were advised to abstain from drinking altogether.

Another stark warning was issued by Professor Dame Sally Davies, England’s chief medical officer, when she said that even moderate drinkers were putting their health at risk. She warned that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption that can reduce the risk of alcohol-related cancer and admitted that she worries about the potential for cancer every time she reaches for a glass of wine. However, she did say that the guidelines were just that; a way to inform the public about the health risks of alcohol and to give them a choice regarding their health when it comes to their alcohol consumption.

Fighting Back

Unsurprisingly, the warnings from PHE were met with criticism from the various drinks companies operating in the UK. These have now joined forces to fight back against what they see as the ‘biased debate’ relating to alcohol consumption.

Eight of the largest spirits and wine companies in the UK have decided to make a stand and are funding the non-profit Alcohol Information Partnership (AIP) in a bid to ensure that the debate surrounding alcohol consumption ‘remains balanced’.

Dave Roberts is the former chief executive of the National Clinical Homecare Association, and he will be leading the group. He said, “Alcohol misuse is an incredibly serious issue. As a society, we should continue to have a rigorous debate about how best we continue to tackle and reduce alcohol misuse. But the debate has become increasingly imbalanced and characterised by poor representation of the evidence. Too often the facts have been dramatised or exaggerated in order to scare people and skew the debate.”

He said that young people are no longer binge-drinking the way that they used to and that ‘the vast majority of people enjoy a drink responsibly’.

Roberts added, “The Alcohol Information Partnership is here to bring balance back to the debate and remind the public that having a drink at home or in the pub can still be a part of a balanced lifestyle as long as it is drunk in moderation.”

Consequences of Alcohol Addiction

While the majority of people in the United Kingdom do drink responsibly, there are some for whom alcohol is a huge issue. And the truth is that alcohol does actually cause physical and mental health problems in those who are drinking more than the recommended amount.

It is often the case that people forget that alcohol is a highly addictive substance, and this is probably because, as a society, the consumption of alcohol is actually encouraged. In the media, alcohol is often portrayed as something to be enjoyed, and there are many reality programmes about what groups of twenty-somethings get up to while heavily intoxicated.

Since alcohol is socially acceptable and encouraged, many people do not realise when they have crossed the line from habitual drinking to problem drinking. These individuals are usually the last to realise that they have a problem; they are almost certainly the last to admit it.

Alcohol addiction can tear families apart, and unless those affected get the help they need sooner rather than later, they could be in danger of suffering from irreversible damage to their internal organs.

Beating Alcoholism

If you are worried about a loved one or are concerned about your drinking habits, contact us here at UK Rehab. We are a free referral service that works hard to make sure that those who are struggling with addiction can easily access the treatments they need to get better.

We understand that recovering from an alcohol addiction will not be easy, but we can assure you that with the right help and support from dedicated professionals, it will not be as hard as you imagine. We can put you in touch with a treatment provider where you will get the help you need and at which you will be completely comfortable at all times.

The Needed Help. On Time.

It is our mission to make addiction services available to everyone, and we know that an alcohol counsellor may be just what you need to get yourself back on track. We work with organisations in the public and private sector and can make sure that whatever your choice in terms of treatment, you will have access to an alcohol counsellor you are happy with.

We will assess your situation as soon as you contact us and will determine what your needs are regarding treatments. We will look at your personal commitments, substance abuse history and budget and will find the perfect provider for your requirements. Contact us today for more information on how we can help.

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