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Drug Rehab and Alcohol Detox in London

A London drug and alcohol detox clinic is the destination if the goal is to break an addiction. A drug and alcohol day care rehab clinic in London will attend to the patient's every need and make sure they have the best chance of succeeding in their goal of getting clean. Alcohol rehab clinics in London have a number of different treatment options on offer, but first it's necessary to understand why they are the superior options in the first place.

Private London Rehabilitation Clinics

London's rehabilitation clinics are far superior to their National Health Service (NHS) counterparts. These are the reasons why anybody who is looking for help with their addictions should be looking at a private substance abuse clinic:

  • Superior funding streams means these clinics won't be forced to downgrade as a result of government policy.
  • Better staff members tend to be in the private sector where they can take advantage of the tools they need to do their jobs.
  • New medications and new equipment will always be found in private London addiction support clinics before the NHS.
  • Luxury rehabilitation facilities allow patients to relax in their new surroundings and focus on beating their addictions.

Waiting Lists and Addiction Treatment

One of the main problems associated with state alcohol rehab clinics is the waiting lists. Waiting lists can mean those who need to find help won't get it due to the priority system. Only those who are dealing with life-threatening conditions will be purposely boosted to the front of the queue. Any addictions which could be taken care of in a fast amount of time won't be as a result of the state system.

Another issue comes with the types of addiction support provided by the state. Unlike private clinics, which allow people in regardless of how severe their conditions are, the NHS will only treat certain addictions. Softer drug addictions involving cannabis and prescription drugs are amongst the things which won't be covered. It's a serious problem for people who have addictions to these softer drugs as they will be forced to suffer. The good news is private rehabilitation clinics are not like this. London's patients can be treated of their vices regardless of what caused it in the first place.

Tailored Programs

It's essential each London drug and alcohol rehab clinic creates a tailored program to match the needs of each individual patient. What many people don't realise is addictions are caused by entirely different things. The symptoms of the addictions can be the same, but the reasoning for them could be completely different. Getting to the heart of the matter and discovering exactly what caused the problem in the first place is crucial to providing detoxification and addiction treatment.

Here are just some of the things which can cause an addiction:

  • Peer pressure. It's not uncommon to get hooked on something as a result of pressure from friends and other family members.
  • Some people begin taking drugs and alcohol because their parents do the same thing. A drug and alcohol day care rehab clinic in London will often hear stories of patients who discovered these dangerous substances through the actions of their parents.
  • Childhood abuse and neglect can create feelings of extreme emotion. The individual will attempt to forget what happened to them by turning to narcotics.
  • Any London drug and alcohol detox clinic will have a selection of patients who encountered their issues as a result of stress and frustration. These issues can quickly overwhelm people and turn them towards seeking out an alternative.

What Can People Expect?

As already mentioned, each separate program is different. Although each patient will encounter some variations in their specific alcohol and drug rehabilitation program, the general line of treatment will remain the same. Here's a brief breakdown of the treatment options offered within drug and alcohol support facilities:

  • Individual counselling
  • Group support
  • Courses and lessons
  • Aftercare support

Support and Counselling

The staple of all of London's rehab clinics is counselling and support. Group support involves informal sessions where different people speak about the challenges and experiences they are going through. Being able to interact with other patients is a prime reason why people shouldn't treat themselves at home. The support of other people can do wonders for an individual's level of resolve and spirit. These bonds often last after rehabilitation has finished. Addiction treatment in this manner is a prime reason why those who enter private London rehabilitation clinics are so successful.

Ultimately, group sessions do little to target the real issues, though. Where progress is truly made is within the realms of private counselling. These sessions normally take place in sealed rooms where the substance abuse counsellor and patient speak about the issues most impacting them. It's designed to get to the root of the matter.

The idea behind private counselling is not to learn to forget about these issues. No matter how traumatic they were it's essential they are not forgotten. They are a part of the person. Substance abuse counselling will aim to help them cope with these experiences, to take them in their stride. As long as their negative effects can be nullified there's nothing wrong with holding onto these experiences.

All London drug and detox clinics will have people who say this is the most traumatic time. It definitely is one of the most traumatic times because it involves uprooting many suppressed issues. After this pain has been experienced, though, the future is bright and the only way to go is up.

Dealing with Cravings

Some of the most important lessons learned by individuals who enter residential rehab in London are dealing with cravings. Here are some of the main tips and tricks for dealing with cravings:

  • Delaying the situation. If a feeling of succumbing to drugs and alcohol has arisen, delay the decision by taking a phone call or doing something else first. Cravings tend to lessen in their intensity over time.
  • Putting some physical distance between a negative situation can have remarkable effects. People often report how they feel fewer urges to relapse if they retreat from the situation.
  • Distraction is a broad field of thinking. The idea is to use something else to avoid thinking about a relapse. Getting a job or becoming immersed in a hobby can often be enough to banish any negative thoughts associated with addiction. The same tactics are used within residential rehab to help people cope with withdrawal symptoms.

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